Low Blood Sugar Seziure?

well last night i had my girst seziure from low blood sugar. Has anyone had any before? and if so how many have you had??

I have had seizures from low blood sugars... about 5 now since Ive been diagnsed 10 years ago... Seizures seem to be my thing as oppsed to DKA... never had to deal with taht thank goodness ( aside from diagnosis) I havnt seizures had any recently so YAY for that(knock on wood)

Pretty much they SUCK... I always feel horrible for the next few days... aching muscles head achy and just exhausted.  As much as I hate having them im sure it is much worse for the people around me.  I f someone I knew had a seizure I would be panicking.  lol.

Its funny because I seem to like to have siezures in public places... I had one at an A&W in my hometown and one at the local grocery store... how I show my face in these places anymore... I dont know ... lol

Another funny thing... apparently I get EXTREMLEY Uncooperative. When I had the seizure at the grocery store... paramedics were called... I dont remember any of this but apparently they wanted me to put my shoes on... I WOULD NOT CUZ THEY WERE NOT MY SHOES!!! lol... they were my shoes of course but they were new so obviously I must not have recoginzed them HAHA.


Well this was my first seziure from being low and it was scary. i have seziure disorder too, but my mom said this one was way diffrent than the other ones. i was just curious to see what other people have experianced

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Well this was my first seziure from being low and it was scary. i have seziure disorder too, but my mom said this one was way diffrent than the other ones. i was just curious to see what other people have experianced



THey are scary.... i find it really difficult sometimes because my blood sugars can go low so quickly and for no apparent reason.  Sometimes I find it easier to run my blood sugars at about 10mmol if i am doing something out of the ordinary becuz i dont want to have to deal with those bad lows... but alas blood sugars at 10mmol are not good for me either... im hoping that if I can get a pump then it will help me out with these low blood sugars.


I had one actually 3 weeks after diagnosed!!! It was sooo scary!!! I was in walmart with my mom and felt fine; didn't feel low or anything and then the next thing I knew I was waking up in the hopsital and they were fixing to LIFE FLIGHT me to a different hospital because I had 6 broken bones!!! :(  I don't remember anything just feeling fine to BAM waking up in the hospital. Sometimes I wish I would've been DKA instead of having a seizure cause now I can't drive until January! :(

wow that is scary! im going to get my licence in about 2 years and my seziures are so bad and not under control its gunna b hard to get my licence :(

Too many...I have seized many times from low blood sugars...not fun. And to think that they used to give mental hospital patients insulin to induce seizures as a form of shock therapy. Wow...if that worked, I would think that I would be the sanest person in the world...

wow thats really weird. but interesting at the same time. and yea seziures are no fun. and i get little ones everyday :[ but its kinda funny seeing people freak out lol


My oldest daughter has seizures.  It is very scary!  She is a junior in high school and the seizures only started last year.  We don't know why and we don't know what triggers them.  It is crazy!  She doesn't want anyone to know about it so she keeps it a secret, even from her friends and boyfriend.  She gets to drive but only because she hasn't had a seizure in 3 months.  If she has another seizure they said they would take her license for a year.  The good news is that means she takes her meds every night!


well, when i was dx with seziure disorder they said the triggers can be anything and they don't know why i have them either. so she might have generlized seziure disorder. and it is better to let people know you have seziures because god forbid she forgets her meds one night or she sleeps over someone's house and she has one they should be aware. trust me i was ashamed at first but if you tell people they just watch out for you and they can learn what to do in an emergency. you should tell your daughter to let her friends and boyfriend that she has seziures

i've never had a seizure, but theres a girl on my volleyball team who is epilyptic and she had one at our team dinner and it was the scarriest thing i had ever seen! the whole team sent her flowers. then a week later at our homecoming dance, she had another one. she can't play anymore.  

i've had 2 seizures due to low blood sugar. they both happened during the night and i was unaware of them. my tongue was chewed up and my BGs were ridiculous, that's how i figured out what happened. i think the last one was in high school so it has been quite awhile since anything like that has happened. i am pretty hypo-aware now.

C -  i envy that. I have had a few normally overnight. I tend to pull myself out of them eventually or more my body does. It drains me for days though. I don't like to think of them. Thankfully none recently.

wow.  how low does someone go before they have a seizure??

not sure. i've been in the upper teens before and still been conscious (but not necessarily coherent), but i'm guessing the threshold is somewhere around there. i don't know much about low BG seizures.

yikes. the lowest i have been was 35. and i know how out of it i was. i can't even immagine being that low

when i was in elementary school i wasn't good about treating lows and i didn't always know i was low. i wanted to play more than anything, so if diabetes interferred with my play-time i tended to ignore it. i'm obviously over that phase now, but i've noticed a lot of young'uns with t1 are like that.

thankfully i haven't had a seizure ever and i hope i don't have to experience them. i am sorry you had to go through the seizure adriana. hope you don't have another one.

I have been low enough... and somewhat coherent enough to test my blood sugars when my machine would only read low ... I have to be under 1.1mmol for my machine to read low. Craziness!

i was woken up on the first night of camp in 06 and medstaffer adam told me i was 16 and sat there and talked to me until my bloodsugar was up enough for me to go back to sleep. that's the lowest i've ever been. i don't seize, i just pass out or black out which is really scary to me. the last time it happened was about 2 weeks ago and i walked into my classroom and told the teacher that i work with what had happened and how i had lost about 30 minutes of my life and it would have possibly been longer but i hit the table and one of my good friends yelled for me to watch out.....