Low blood sugar sucks!:(

hey guys! so, ive had a bunch of low blood sugars lately, and i feel horrible! has this happened to anyone? any advice?

When I was first diagnosed I had tons of lows because I went into the honeymoon period. My scale dropped at least 5 units. But you're a little farther than that, right? Me too - I was diagnosed on February 8. Last week all my blood sugars were perfect for no reason, and I went low about 5 times. But today they're back up in the 200s for no reason. They say there are about 40 different factors that affect your numbers - the main ones I know of are stress and exercise, but everyone's different - for example, the slightest walk around the block will bring me into the 70s, while stress seems to have no effect on me at all! So watch your lows - if you have too many it gets dangerous - and I know it sucks but it'll pass. :)

thanks!:) the same exact thing is happening to me! i got diagnosed on march 23rd. it's weird, because last week i had all lows, and this week i had some lows and some highs! i take 15 for 1 unit...so hopefully my doctor can help me be feeling better soon!;)