Low blood sugar vs. high blood sugar

I have been recently battling with my diabetes educator over my blood sugar levels.  I am on a Minimed Paradigm pump with access to upload my numbers to their website.  My DE has access to my numbers and has just now, after five years of seeing this doctor, wanted to make adjustments.  My last three A1cs have been 5.9, 5.9, and 5.8.   I've never had an A1C over 7.5 and I can still feel low blood sugars.  I never ran super low, but did have an occasional BS below 60.  I've told her yes, I do feel those and treat them immediately because I know the consequences of low blood sugars.  She told me, just last week, that she wants me to run in the 200s for a week so I can continue to feel my lows!  I told her I wasn't comfortable doing this.  Anyone with diabetes knows why i wouldn't want to do this!  I explained to her that when I'm high, it pretty much affects how I feel all day long (sluggish, tired, thirsty, etc).  I then explained that when I'm low, I treat it, and fifteen to twenty minutes later I'm fine.  Yes, I do get shaky, and weak, and suffer the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  My point was, that once I treat it, I feel normal again.  Unlike when I'm high, it affects me all day!  My wife and friends can usually tell when I'm high too.  My DE said this was backwards and weird.

Now, here's my question for anyone who would like to answer.

Which makes you feel worse- high blood sugars or low blood sugars?  Do you recover better from a high or low?

Am I the only one who feels worse with highs than lows?

Just curious.

i'd have to say i feel equally icky with highs and lows. lows make me feel panicked, like I NEED FOOD NOOOOOW! and then i get headaches while highs just make feel like i have the flu - tummyaches, thirst, lethargic. neither make me feel all that great. i'd prefer to be high than low because i don't feel the scary "immediate danger" feeling with highs, but all together i prefer to be in range :o)

also, your CDE is weird. i would never recommend that to anyone. you know what's best for you and what works. as long as you keep things available to you for lows and test often, you will be fine. good luck and i'm sorry you have crazy people for educators. :o)

I feel much worse all around with highs......All I want to do is sleep.....I am grumpy and very moody...snippy even.  After I get over the low that I am having, I pretty much feel wasted.  Highs make me feel worse.  I have to agree with C that your CDE is out there......who would want to have blood sugars at 200 or over????  As long as you are still feeling your lows.....just go with what you are doing...just my suggestion.  When in question, test! 

About your CDE....  Wow.  I don't even know what to say, except Wow.  She sounds like the one who is "backwards and weird".  You are the keeper of your health and body, and you're the one who will have to live with or without complications later...  so do what you think is best for you.  Your medical team is there to guide you, but ultimately, the choice is up to all of us how to take care of ourselves.

Although I fell pretty craptastic either way, lows are worse for me.  I can handle the headaches, tiredness, and irritability that comes with highs - but the loss of motor skills, confusion, and shaking from lows just creeps me out.  It's the worst. 

As far as recovery, I recover from lows much more quickly.  I am more insulin resistant than most other T1's I've met, so it takes quite a lot of insulin (or insulin + exercise) to bring me back to 'normal'.

Highs for me are a definite drag. I get sluggish and tired. It takes forever to feel better. I have to admit lows scare me to death though. So I would say lows suck immediately but then you are over it but highs take forever for me to recover. How about we all stay in range and feel great!!!