Low blood sugar

So, i was at band camp last week. We practiced on a giant soccer field at a college, and I happened to have low blood sugar while we were practicing. So, i felt sweaty, shaky, nervous, and my face was a GIANT TOMATO. I go to check it on the sidelines, and one of the drumline girls looked over at me really weird, like, Are you drunk are something? Plus, I was drawing blood from my finger. So that just made everything wonderful for her. And then she just randomly smiled at me. I was like whaaaaa? Oh the joy of people who don't know i am diabetic! HAHA

Haha, do you always turn into a giant tomato when you're sugar is off? It sounds like something out of a comic book lol...Oh, no! Ketones! What'll we do??! Wait! It's Giant Tomato Girl! She's come to our rescue! or not haha