Low body fat % issues

    Hey guys so September I got into working out, and by November I was on an intense routine, 6 days a week. My main purpose was to gain a lot of weight and I achieved that. I'm feeling like i'm close to the point where I want to start cutting the fat that I have gained along with my muscle.

    Right now i'm at 14% body fat, If I lose about 8 pounds of fat i'll be at 7% which is my goal. My main concern though is that I won't have enough fat for my infusion set. I already use the shortest needle available and I have already had to stop using my infusion site above my belly button because I've leaned out a lot in my upper abominable and gained a lot of muscle.

     Is there anyone here who is at a low body fat %, body builds with diabetes who can tell me if my ability to put infusion sets in will be effected? Also any body building advice related to diabetes would be appreciated :D