Low carb pancakes and desserts

It’s coming closer to Pancake or Shrove Tuesday for some Christians and as my first year being diabetic during Easter time I was wondering are there any low carb pancake and dessert recipes that anyone has to help ease the temptation of chocolate Easter eggs and snacks this year? :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with this tradition…would corn cakes work? They are still carby, but perhaps if you just dip them in a little syrup. I don’t deny myself chocolate, I just keep the portions moderate and bolus myself accordingly. The fattier chocolates don’t spike like jelly beans do, so maybe stay with a few Hershey eggs.

I found this recipe on a site that I use pretty frequently - I have not tried it yet, but have tried many of her other recipes. I put it through the recipe analyzer on Calorie Count (http://www.caloriecount.com) and came up with 15 grams of carbs per serving. I used 1/16 tsp. of Stevia in the recipe, so you’d have to adjust it if you used something else.

This is the peanut butter cup recipe I have used in the past - http://thehumbledhomemaker.com/2013/05/homemade-protein-packed-peanut-butter-cups-healthy-easy-sugar-free.html
My son has only recently been diagnosed with T1, so I’ve never done the carb count before … He likes the different chocolates I make using coconut oil and sweetened with Stevia (but my husband in not a big fan). If you Google “skinny chocolate” (or look on Pinterest) you will find a lot of recipes for coconut cream eggs, too!

Post if you find something yummy! I’d love to hear what works for you.

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