Low carb snacks for pre-schooler that travel well

I am trying to find ideas for no or low carb snacks that travel and store well (for a 4 year old. Snacks at home are no problem - cheese, meat, veggies. I need snack ideas that I can throw in our travel diabetes bag or my car and just know that they are there (similar to how I have a juice box and fruit snacks in there.)

I have searched the site for similar posts and most replies were for stuff that is available at home and we are already eating. I am not sure that my kid is going to be interested in beef jerky (too hard to chew!) and trail mix seems like it could be pretty high carb.  

We are pretty busy and pre-dx, I would have bags of Goldfish, cheerios, etc in the car to let my kids eat if we had to run an errand between work and supper. I can still do this for my one year old, but I need something to give my D son! feel like all easily pre-packed foods are carb foods!


Yeah, prepackaged foods do tend to be high-carb.  I'm usually more concerned with lows, so don't usually pack low-carb snacks.  But, if you're scootin' around with a full T1 care pack (including insulin), you can just pack some cheese sticks with your cooled insulin.  Personally, I never leave the house with William without a full pack.  Chalk it up being raised in Earthquake Country, and now living in Torndado Country...I want to always have a three day supply of necessities with me at all times.  These days, that includes three days' of insulin and carbs. 



Oh, yeah, and check out nuts.  I think most are low-carb :)


My daughter likes Jerky, and you can even get them packed in smaller containers.  For school I usually go to Walmart and get a box of 5.  We also do nuts, sometimes I buy a big package then put them in the snack size bags.  She also likes to do the popcorn thing when she wants crunchy.  I just pop it then bag it and put the carbs on the bag. 

I hope this helps