Low carb vs vegan diet

Hey guys,

I have been doing weight watchers for the past 5 years, so I eat a healthy diet. My A1c is 7.1 and I am trying to break into the 6 range. Would you recommend a specific diet to help me get there? I have the Medtronic 670g and have a very low standard deviation (42), so variability is not the issue.

@AliceD hi Alice.

so that is a really good standard deviation and something to be proud of. I find that if I want rock solid blood sugars, with very flat postprandial spikes, I just eat low carb. It follows from the law of small numbers (small numbers mean small mistakes - large numbers large mistakes). Limiting carbs and satisfying my appetite with medium fats/proteins keeps a fairly steady blood sugar if I can keep activity and exercise consistent. That being said, I do get hankerings for Chinese food, pizza, beer and like that & etc. so I am not always on a low carb diet.

if you are able to keep your blood sugar that steady I see absolutely no reason why you can’t have any hba1c you want. how long have you been at 7.1% ? what are your overnights like?

I agree with Joe.
I went from 8.5s into the low 6s with low carb. And I mean 24 hours after I started a low carb diet my BG was consistently under 100.
I read Dr. Richard Bernstein’s book “Type 1 Solution” and it changed my life.
Good luck!