Low t

My endo recently had me repeat a Low T battery of tests, because the results from the first round, were as he put it, "Bizzare" Anyone else encountering, or dealing with Low T from years/decades of Type 1 D?

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T?  sorry do you mean testosterone?  yea I understand it can be common with type 1.  I had mine tested last fall, when I complained about being completely exhausted all the time...  turns out I was really exhausted.  if your doc thinks it's bizzare you might want to consider a new specialist.

I think there is replacement therapies available for low testosterone.

ps if you meant Thyroid... that's common too, easier to fix, 1 pill a day.   =)  cheers

Thanks Joe. I was refering to Low testosterone. My endo thought the results from my first round of lab work were bizzare, thus he had me repeat them. After doing some additional reasearch on this, I found that the labs for Low T can show different results, from different labs, on the same blood, :-(. I have been treating Thyroid for about 15+ years now, Thanks so much for your reply.

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