Lowest and Highest you've ever been

I believe the lowest I've ever been is when my meter couldn't read it and just said Lo

Highest was 500 something....but those days are over I'm at a cool 5.4 A1c now and its all because of this pump and not eating a ton of fatty foods. :)

i think the highest that i was when i was 1st diagnosed at 10 months and the dr office meters couldt register my number and my blood was literally black apparently from what my mom tolled me and i think the lowest that i have been was 22 and miraculously i was still walking

lowest: 1

highest: 40 when i was diganosed

lowest: 1.1

highest: 50s when diagnosed and HIGH on meter.

my lowest - 28

my highest -HI on meter (over 600)

lowest: 32, (and i tested before a meal, didn't realize i was low)

highest: 428 at diagnosis, 218 since i've been injecting.

lowest: 0.8

highest: HI on the meter(over 52) with in my 1st yr after being dx.

The lowest that I know of was 18 and I have no idea what my highest was, probably at diagnosis.  I know the ER meter couldn't read it because my BG was too high.  The number wouldn't have meant anything to me at the time anyway because I knew nothing at all about diabetes.  Later the doctor told my mother that I should have been dead, so I'm guessing it was pretty high!

I think my highest was at diagnosis, after that, 504.

My lowest was when the meter said low.

had d for 10 years

lowest unregestered

highest unregestered

my lowest was like 46.. at least that's when i've been able to test on a meter

my highest was 420 (when i was diagnosed)

 but not at diagnosis i think the highest was 315?

but i've only had diabetes for like 2 months..

highest when i was diagnosed which was 712; but after i came home from the hospital the highest its been is 409 and the lowest its been is 45

lowest 26

diagnosis 800 something

highest since diagnosis HI (greater than 600)


isn't it nice to know we don't suck at diabetes by ourselves? haha

heads up high hopes for a cure soon

Yea well my highest was in the 900s (it was when I was diagnosed) and my lowest was 23 (I ended up having to go to the hospital).

highest: HI on meter, highest besides HI would be 659

Lowest: LO on meter, lowest besides LO would be 15