Lowest Ever (kind of a spin-off of Alyssa's)

Hey everyone! 

I was just wondering what the lowest that you all have been is?

The lowest I have ever been while conscious is 18, while unconscious, I believe the EMTs said was 14.. :(

I'm not too big of a fan of the lows! :(

Just wondering!!


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i think the lowest ive ever been was like 23. and i was at camp and climbing up a mountain... not a good mixturee. yea well my friend had to get a counsler and i ended up having to have like 4 glucogel stuffs. grosss! hahahah

The lowest I've been was 23, IIRC.

still being able to fix the low on my own, that I remember is 21 mg/dL.  Although if memory serves me right, I do believe I was at the mall once with my mom when I had 19.   Talk about a nice trip to the food court... I was about 6 years old and during a time when I would pass out CONSTANTLY.  Since it was usually at night during my sleep, I would assume that I passed out first and then get a seizure, but there was once when I was at Subways where I just had the seizure (and yes, it's something you don't forget), and then I passed out. Def. not a good year for me or my family. 

Wow!  I've never even been in the 20s.  I guess that's a good thing...

My lowest ever was 36.  I felt pretty low.  Actually, I felt like CRAP.

I was at camp, playing capture the flag. My friend didn't feel good so I went with her to the shaded hill were the nurses sit while we play. She check and was 420. I pointed my finger and laughed at her, then thought it was a good idea to check, I mean I was there anyway!

I picked up the meter, and while still standing there (I figured we would check and run back out to play) I checked.

The meter said 22. I laughed and lifted the meter over my head and yelled "My sugar's 22."

A nurse jumped up and tackled me to the ground, pouring pineapple juice down my throat. While I argued that the meter must be wrong because I felt fine and was still conscious.

Okay it wasn't that exciting, but it was funny.

the lowest ive been is 25 but i really didnt feel that low haha

Ethan had a 21! Really scary. He was crying and saying he felt like he coould not hold his head up. His eyes were a little wondering. I am assuming we were real close to an out. But, we made it through.

my lowest was 23 at 6 am while camping.   i woke up felt "off" so i tested saw the number said "woo hoo i beat my lowest low give me juice" drank two juices then rolled over and went back to sleep.   lol

the lowest i have been was 19 i must have been lower than that im sure. but i do remember looking at my mom and saying im really hungry then i grab something i had off my dresser and chowed down on that, then she went and got me juice and some other stuff.

The lowest I had been was 47, but just last week, I was 39. I've never passed out, but when I got down to 39, I was outside feeding horses.

The lowest I have ever been is 36, I didn't pass out thank goodness.

my lowest ever was 15...and i didnt feel low until i started to treat it...then the shaking came on...

but i'll be in the 70's and shaking like a leaf! Crazy!

I don't know my exact "lowest". I mean I have been conscious in the low thirties. I know I hit the twenties at least once or twice. Oddly enough I never thought to check my sugars when I blacked out, so I can't tell you what they were, granted I normally don't do much when I black out.... Okay maybe that was a twisted joke. Usually if I have the pass out problem in the past it has been feed now test later, so by the time I usually get around to testing or someone does I am already climbing back into the fifty/sixty region.

Lowest I ever fell was 19. I've yet to pass out, which I suppose I should be thankful for.

I had a meter where all it said was LOW because it doesn't go below 20 and i quickly drank some juice and then i was good to go but it was still scary experiencing a low that low :-)

The lowest i ever had was 19.  i was at my grandmas about to get in the pool (good thing i didnt) but my mom made me check before i got in.... it said 19 and so i had juice or something and it took 45 mins befor it went back up to 81. but then i eventually got to get inthe pool so its all good :)

I think my lowest that I remember was 36, that was awful.

the lowest ive been was 1.2 i think. i was almost out. ive never actually passed out.