Lowest Numbers?

I'm sure there's this post somewhere, maybe, but I saw the highest one and this one's similar I guess.  For me the lowest on the meter was 27, but I know I've been lower during seizures and near seizures. 


My recent with nearly reliable technology was 28.  I had a 12 when I was about your age but the meter was notoriously bad... if experience was any indicator... I could have been anywhere between 12 and 52.  That thing was AWFUL!  What a great stroll down amnesia lane J

Fun question!




My lowest was 26 in gym class and my gym teacher made me walk the whole way down to the nurses office (opposite end of the school) to test my blood sugar...the nurse felt awful and said I should be unconscious but still sent me back to gym class where I was so kindly allowed to sit on the sidelines and watch for the rest of the period while munching on some food. stupid people!

i had a 6 once but it wasn't real reliable past that with a reliable one i ended up 19 once and my parents handed me some pie from this place before they even paid for it and they got yelled at by the manager and stuff even when they explained it was and emergency and paid a second later.

I once had a 18 at camp! That was fun. I got to drink juice. That was the only good part!!!

the first night at camp 2 summers ago i got woken up by med-staff with a 16 AFTER i was 21.


but when i was in 2nd grade(they thought i could take care of myself) i was 9

Wow haha, feels like my lowest doesn't even compare, it was around 26 about 2 weeks ago.

Yeah- my lowest definitely doesn't compare either... I woke up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and dripping sweat at 38, and thought that was bad!

I think the different meters make it hard to figure out who the "winner" is in this contest.  BUT here's another question - What's the largest/quickest drop you've ever had?

We dealt with a "HI" reading on the meter all the way to 57 within one hour!

How are you guys getting 6's and 18's??  I haven't seen a meter that reads below 20.  I've been LO before, but I have no idea about the specifics.  Show me the light about your fancy meters!

wow uve had seizures. the lowest ive been was 7 and that was at 1am and the only thing i could remember was how th walk and wear the kichen was. i ended up eating all the bread and half a gallon of milk. i didnt want to get up again.

Lowest I've been was 47. I was taking a test at the time, finished, and then I felt low so I tested. I ended up getting a 100% on that test even though my blood sugar was so low!

I've had a 25, and I've never passed out or had a seizure ever.

That's amazing.  I was taking an MCAS long-comp test in 7th grade and in the middle of it I tested and I was 45.  luckily I had more time to finish because I could barely think straight.  The time I was 27 I'd just answered a question in social studies (but in 4th grade).  Weird how sometimes you can think fine when you're low and other times not at all. 

The lowest i've been is 24 and that was when I was in middle school. I didn't really know what I was doing at the time I actually ended up sitting at a table with people I didn't even know! That was a little embarressing lol. The nurse luckily saw me and sat down next to me... she thought it' be good time to take me to the office and check myself :-p

my lowest was a 1.6 at lunch. My meter only goes to 1.3. BUT Itest with a meter where your target is 4-7 so don`t think I was seriously low. BUT I WAS THINKING PERFECTLY FINE.hOW COULD YOU GET A SIEZUR from low blood sugar?

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my lowest was a 1.6 at lunch. My meter only goes to 1.3. BUT Itest with a meter where your target is 4-7 so don`t think I was seriously low. BUT I WAS THINKING PERFECTLY FINE.hOW COULD YOU GET A SIEZUR from low blood sugar?


Siezures just happen, I've had two from low blood sugars but one time it really was my fault... I stayed in a hot tub to long when I was staying over night for a volleyball tournament. I never used to pay attention to those signs around the pool but now i do! lol. I just got so tired and needed to sleep... next thing I knew I was waking up in an ambulance!

i've never had a seizure while i was awake, though i've been close...when you're asleep it's easy because if you don't wake up you'll just go so low that you eventually CAN'T wake up.  bad times. 

The lowest I've been was 27. That was about 15 minutes after I had already had like two cups of juice without checking.

when you talk about seizures do you mean like seizure seizures? I am low at least once a day(30s or 40s) and the lowest I have ever tested I think was 25.

I have passed out before but never had a seizure. that really scares me. is this common in t1's to seizure?