Lows getting in the way

I'm a great advocate of the philosophy of never letting diabetes get in the way of your goals; you can do anything you put your mind to, just like anyone else.

My question is:  Has a low BG ever made you change your plans or prevented you from doing something?  This occurred to me last night.  You see, I had planned on going to get my blood test done for my A1C this morning.  I stopped eating and drinking at an appropriate time last night to be ready for the fasting blood test.  Before I went to bed, my BG was 6.0 mmol/L (I think taht converts to about 108).  I thought "Great!  So my fasting in the morning will probably be good as well!"  But at 5 a.m., I woke up with a low BG of 2.6 (about 47).  Obviously, I had to treat it by, in this case, drinking some orange juice.  Soooo... There went my plans for my outing to the lab this morning, since I was no longer fasting!  I was so frustrated, since it's not always easy for me to get there during the week!

As I was laying in bed waiting for my sugar to come back up, I thought of scenarios that some others may have been through:  dropping just before going on stage for a dance competition, dropping during a business meeting just before having to give an important presentation...

Anybody got any stories to share?

I was never told that I needed to fast before having a A1C blood test...I just had one done yesterday morning, as a matter of fact.  I didn't have to fast.  But I had to fast when I took a test for my thyroid.  My blood sugar got to about 101 mg/dl.  So it wasn't that bad.  That's actually high, considering I hadn't eaten for 12+ hours! 

On Thanksgiving, 2008, my mom kept telling me, "The food will be done in an hour."  Then an hour would pass and she'd say, "The food will be done in about an hour."  Of course I was hungry, but I didn't want to have a snack and ruin my appetite for the grand feast! So I waited, and waited, until ....  You know it.  I started to get shakey, and light headed.  I went to stand up and I fell back into the couch.  I was so out of it.  I felt sick to my stomach.  I slammed a glass of OJ, and of course, in a matter of mins, my blood sugar was peaked to about 300 mg/dl.  I treated it with some insulin, and all has been well ever since.  That was my first low...I guess the best teacher is experience...

oh my land i had to fast for some blood work for 12 hours oh man never again, i got to the doctor's office and was fine, but when i sat down i felt like my blood sugar was going to bottom out. turns out i didn't need to fast because my doctor didn't even order the test. so instead of getting the blood work done, i went and ate at IHOP. 

Hey Christina, thanks for bringing up the point about not having to fast for an A1C.  For 35 years, I've been told that I did have to fast, and I never really understood why...  When I went for my blood work today, I asked the technician.  She confirmed that fasting is not required for the A1C!  However, my doc always orders a fasting blood sugar and more recently, I've developed some thyroid problems and I have a cholesterol check each time...  those ones do require fasting.

For Mel:

I guess at least it gave you a good excuse to treat yourself to IHOP!  Hope you enjoyed it, but especially didn't have to wait long for your order!

yeah, i hardly ever go to IHOP because i don't like pancakes, but i love their funnel cakes. YUM. i know what you guys are thinking, but i have never really ever had problems eating like everyone else i just had to make sure i wasn't overdosing most the time. i had lows more than highs until i got the pump, i love this thing. *hugs pump* hehe.

SEriously  I hve to go for a fasting blood test and I have been trying for about a month now LOL....  I can only get to the clinic sat morns... I work late friday nights.... so inevitably my blood sugars ALWAYS go low...  so frustrating.  I also sing... and have had many a times where I have had to down some juice right before... to get thru the concerts... low blood sugars are so full of hassles.

I have pretty much decided that when I need to fast, I am just going to run my BG a little higher that night.  Then, if my doctor is surprised that my fasting BG is a little high, I'll just tell her why.  I don't think she'll be too alarmed, as long as my A1C is within reason. 

my blood sugars were fine i just felt weak, i have never fasted before so i was like oh crap gotta get food.

Wow - do they ever sometimes! Does anyone else have this happen to them...


Does your BS ever bottom out during the day too fast for you to catch it? Or it starts dropping and as you start to go get something to eat/drink it goes lower and you forget what you're doing? It makes me so mad - my Dr. say's I'm not a good candidate for a pump working in physical rehab because I would probably pull it out all the time. Therefore, I'm on shots still. Sometimes at work with so much going on (i work 12 hour shifts) I get super busy and snacks and frequent checks are not always an option. I have. a couple of times, dropped and didn't realize it until I was in a room with one of the nurses, Stephanie, and a glucometer and juice/soda. This makes me SO mad! I try so hard to pay attention to any signs of lows, especially at work!

Is this just me while getting super busy at work and not having a pump or does this happen to any of you guys?


you know, you might want to find a job that's better suited for you to be able to do these checks. i mean if you love it great, but i think it's best if you find a job that works well with you. so you aren't in danger health wise. 

I disagree with Melissa's suggestion (Sorry Mel =( ).  I don't believe in giving up what you enjoy in life - or what you are trained for - to surrender to your diabetes management.  Perhaps what you need to do is simply tweak your work routine, figure out how you can make sure you fit in time for BGs and snacks if needed.  I'm sure you find time to go to the washroom when you need to, don't you?!?  Maybe you need to discuss your medical needs with your supervisor, just to make sure that he/she knows that you're not trying to slcack off...

no worries nads. that's just what i think.

Thanks Mel!  =)

I've had lows get in the way quite a bit, there are been times where i was thinking of going for a bike ride or jog and had to change my plans because i was going low and there wouldn't be enough time.

I've also had it interfere with sports a lot where it felt like my teammates were slightly resentful because it would happen at the end of practice when we had to do sprints. It might sound nice not to do the sprints but then i wasn't as in good shape and my teammates would think i was doing it on purpose sometimes.