Lows with glucagon

Hi, I have a 4 year old that was diagnosed 2 years ago. I had to resort to using the glucagon recently he was having a low that about 80g of quick carbs couldnt bring up, this is the second time this has happened. Im concerned hes on too much insulin specifically lantus. Hes on lantus and humalog. Can anyone share their experience with long lasting lows and solutions to the problem?


Have you talked to your endocrinologist about this problem? Sounds like you need to give him a call. Has your child done more activity on those days which could be causing the lows? When I personally have long lasting lows its usually caused from exercise or walking around more than usual.

There are so many reasons your child could have been low/hard to treat. I would definitely call your endo. Treatment with glucagon (full strength) should be reserved to when your child is unconscious or unresponsive. There is another treatment called a min-gluc (I’ll post the article if I can find it) that might be okay but, it’s only a temporary fix. I think your instincts about the lantus are probably right on and you should follow them although, talk to a professional about when and how much homologue you are giving him as well. I know I’ve just recently had to re-evaluate when I give my girls (I have two 7 year olds who are type 1) their evening correction because one of them was experiencing overnight lows and my Nurse Education suspected “stacking” as a culprit. Your endocrinologist or nurse educator are really going to be your best bet here though. Good luck. I know how scary it is waiting out the blood sugar checks when you’ve been hit with some lows.

sorry to hear about that one, sounds terrible. I agree time to call the endo with the latest food/blood sugar/insulin log book stuff.

of course it was too much insulin, not enough carbs, or some kind of mistake. I find there are periods where I make a little of my own insulin and both long acting basal and meal insulin have to be cut back, sometimes drastically. Anytime I am more active than “average” I have to cut back (sometimes over 50% back) on meal time insulin.

a long acting carb (mixed carb with protein or carb with fat) might also be beneficial as a night time snack, because it will absorb slowly.

how did you get 80g carbs into a 4 year old? juice acts fast with me but I have to watch if there is high fiber (such as in OJ), it can interfere with absorption as well.
good luck