Lymph node infected levels crazy

G'day all,

I recently found a lump below my ear lobe and finally went to the doc. They say that it is a Lymph node that is infected and since I am diabetic they put me on antibiotics as it may be be getting worse. I seem to be more suseptable to colds and infections now despite being in the best condition I have been since my playing (league) days.

The past week my levels have been fluctuating wildly from 43 (2.4) to 342 (19) and thats not due to corrections...etc but based on the normal carb/insulin ratios. I am guessing it is due to my body trying to fight the infection.

Has anyone else has this problem?


Incredible!  I had this same problem when I was 24.  The lymph node on the right side of my neck under my earlobe swelled to the size of a golf ball.

My doctor at the time said wait and see for 9 months.  It never went down, he never prescribed antibiotics.  I had trouble maintaining my levels too.

I finally demanded to know what was going on and basically said "what if it's Leukemia?"  In three days I found myself in surgery to remove, but I never found out what was the problem.

It makes sense, but I had never considered it might be a part of my diabetes!


My experience has been that every infection is the launch of a new blood-sugar-adventure.  The interesting scientific observation is that I can tell when my body has mostly cleared the infection because my blood sugars normalize.  If you are using an elevated basal to manage the increased requirements this can require some additional monitoring, hehehe -

I don't know if it's everyone but I know I've read a lot of people cite infections causing crazy sugars.

Good luck and if I can recommend - test more often ;)



Thanks for your replys.

I can't say Sally's repsonse filled me with comfort, but at least you got it out and obviously it wasn't too serious otherwise they would have told you.

I am due back at the docs next week and will let you know how I go and what they say it is. Pretty sure just an infected lymph node but I am hoping it hasn't developed in to a cyst (which sounds bloody horrible).


Hi just as a bit of an update, the initial diagnosis was wrong turns out the lump is not an infected lymph node but is a tumour. Not a good development.

Had an ultra sound and they identifed it. So now off to the head and neck surgeon to see about getting it out. Hoping it is not malignant as 75% of these tumours are usually benign.

The joys of medicine. Side note is that they dont think it is linked to the T1D.

Eeek, not good.  Keep us updated!  You'll be in my thoughts

Good luck Austen.

Cheers Sally and Terry. It is a bit scary and I am a little obsessed at the moment at researching info on it. I keep reminding myself that 75% are not malignant and it should be fine. Really would have liked an earlier apointment with the head and neck surgeon though. I have to wait a week and a half and the anticiaption is killing me more than the tumor.

Even if it is bad new I will just have to deal with it and belt it out of my system...but I am confident I am fine. The surgery and recovery will be interesting though to see how my BSL's react.

Will post when I know more.