Mac Diabetes software?

I'm a Mac geek plain and simple. I would love to be able to plug my meter in at the end of each day (or maybe every couple days) and take a look at my results. Currently, Onetouch only has support for Windows...

So far the only thing I can find in the way of any diabetes software for the Mac is Diabetes Logbook X. The application looks great and you can import specific data types. It's still under active development, which is great news. Still, being able to download directly from my meter each day/week/etc. would be great.

Anyone else have other suggestions/programming chops?

hey, I'm also a mac geek.  I usually just use parallels and keep a "space" in spaces dedicated to a full screened XP.  That way I can just command arrow right and left, xp/osx/xp/osx.  I use that for the minimed carelink website, I'm on a 722 pump and just upload sensor data and meter readings to that site.

There is also HealthEngage Diabetes that A lot of people love.  It works great I hear.

I don't know why these companies don't make their products compatible with Macs yet...they definitely should.  However, upon my research, I found this interesting thing:  It's a meter-phone.  So, supposedly you don't need any software b/c you can just send your results to the database and then access it online.  Here's more info on it:  I've also found that Animas has a software that is Mac OS compatible, called ezManager Max Software:  Supposedly it supports the OneTouch Ping and other OneTouch glucose meters, plus any Animas insulin pump.  I hope this helps some.

Macbook Air here. Take a peek at these:

I've been a loyal Mac user almost as long as I've been diabetic. Bottom line is that if you want something that will support downloading readings from your meter, you have no options in Mac. I've tried them all, but the work of entering everything manually was just something I couldn't do - it was too time consuming.

Health Engage wasn't a bad software, but it was a Windows app that got a Mac version, and like many softwares like that it had some quirks. Most everything else is a glorified spreadsheet. But nothing will download the data. 

I use a One Touch Ultra meter. I've contacted Lifescan more than once asking if or when they'll have a Mac version. The bottom line is that there simply isn't a large enough demand for it to justify the expense of developing the software. (I actually read that as "We don't really need to" but that's probably just my Mac-centered mind feeling discriminated.) That's likely the truth though if you think about it. The market for this software (outside the medical field) is rather slim, as I suspect it's more likely to be interesting to a type 1 than a type 2. Factor in the 2 to 3 million type 1s in the US, and then the roughly 10% of the market for Mac, and then the % using the specific brand of meter and you're talking ...what? If Lifescan's One Touch has even 25% of market you're only talking about 50,000 people at max, and it's likely to be significantly smaller. Software development is expensive, and it's expensive to maintain. I even tried to convince Lifetouch that if they were to develop a Mac version they'd corner the market on it - though that's faulty thinking too.

Last year I actually broke down and started looking for a used windows laptop solely for the purpose of running the One Touch software. I know, ridiculous. In the end though, I justified buying an Intel MacBook to replace my old iBook, and—although it was slightly nauseating—I purchased XP, used Boot Camp and created an XP portion. The only time I ever boot up the XP part is to download my meter, run some reports, print them (using a pdf writer) and saving those reports. 

I'd say life isn't fair, but I think we all knew that already.

I'm looking at new pumps right now as I am currently back to injections after ditching a minimed 508. I think I'll be checking out the animas and their onetouch ping system and their ezManager software.

Next up, meet with the endo and get this thing rolling :o)

I am a mac addict as well and when I asked MInimed why they didnt make the carelink system off their website for macs they said: there aren't enough people using Macs. WHAT!


I currently use the Animas 2020 (the Ping is not yet available in Canada) and I thought I would love the ezManager software that came with it, but quite honestly, I hardly use it!  I think it's good if you eat out a lot, expecially if you tend to go to the same places, ones that provide nutrition guides either at the restaurant or on their websites.  I, unfortunately, do not fall into that category!

I'm another mac man..

I am actually in Spain and I have access to Accu Chek Smart Pix reader and in conjunction with another company based in Madrid allows me upload meter readings, chart them and also send to my doctor here.

Problem though!  

It is all windows based and I resent having to install windows on my mac..  Such a pain!

Really need to develop something ourselves!  :-)

Did anyone else see the demo of the iPhone app from LifeScan during the iPhone 3.0 beta OS? I'm thinking they must have some programmers familiar with developing software on the Mac side now... even if it is somewhat different for the iPhone, the SDK has a lot of the same tools and libraries.

Here is a link to the video: 


iTunes download

The LifeScan Demo is about 43:30 in.

It just got me thinking of being able to set down my meter (or get near my computer) and automatically (or manually) have the data pushed over to an app on my phone, computer, website, etc.

It does seem like they are starting to get it though and I wish the team working on this project all the best :o)

Hi !

This is repost from similar thread in here somewehere....

You could use my software... GGC ( It is written in Java, so if you have Mac running at least Java 1.5, then you should be ready. I tested it at home on my test machine and it works... at least for devices I tested it with... You will have to get separate driver for your cable for meter though... Currently supported: Ascensia/Bayer, OT Ultra/Ultra2/Mini/UltraSmart (partitialy), Roche/Accu-chek through SmartPix (this one wasn't tested on Mac)...


My son has the animas 2020....he has had it for nearly 2 years and it is great...he is only 10 now, but is so independent with it.


good luck to you!