Mac Maverick OS & CareLink

Hi Folks,

Approximately 6 months ago I upgraded my Mac Operating System to 10.9 (Maverick). Since then I’ve been unable to upload any Paradigm data via the Carelink Personal software that Medtronics provides. Their documentation states they do not support this OS and they claim it’s because they’re waiting on FDA approval. Meanwhile I have no ability of reviewing charts and occurrences that may require alterations with my doctor.

I’m wondering if any of you fine people might be able to opine on any of these questions/points:

  • have you experienced the same issue and voiced concern to Medtronics;

  • know of any other pumps that are working with the Mac 10.9 OS:

  • have become discouraged enough with Medtronics to consider purchasing a different pump:

  • has anyone come up with a viable workaround allowing the upload of data under 10.9.

    Thanks for allowing me to ask questions and vent some bottled up frustration. I haven’t posted to this site in several years and have forgotten the value in working with “comrades-in-arms”.

Jerry Tarpey

Hi @gtarpey glad to see you back!

Same thing happened to me and I asked the same questions. And they told me the same answer about FDA approval. It frustrated the heck out of me that I was unable to upload to carelink on my updated machines. I do have another computer that I didn’t upgrade to Mavericks so I was actually able to to the upload. They did say it was “coming soon” how soon is the question.

the couple times the software would not run for me, the issue was with allowing the browser to run the java version necessary for carelink. took me a few tries with my new PC running Win 8.1 and google chrome 34.whatever

I have not tried with my MAC but I know that machine is running Maverick. I am not feeling particularly lucky today but if I can get it to run next week i’ll update.

if you like to tinker - you might want to try something other than safari for this application.

Good luck.