Major Difficulties Today

I found out today that my Mom who has stage 4 colon cancer is not going to live much longer. She has been in a nursing home sine February 2011.

I am still on a honeymoon period, " after 28 years now" pretty strange right?. When life gets really stressful my adrenal glands stimulate my islets of langerhans to produce insulin still. Thus on top of hearing the bad news about my mom I had a insulin reaction/shock. I am on a minimed paradigm pump so I was getting a double dose of insulin without even know it. I luckily didn't have to go to the hospital though and the medics didn't come. I thank God for that.

Yours Truly: Jon

Jon,  I am soo srry to hear about your Mom.  I went through this  same situation last fall.  My Gram had end stage Kidney failure and my Dad had COPD and dementia.  It is very hard to try to keep ourselves on an even keel when things around us are so crazy.  I, unfortuantely lost my Gram on Sept 14th and my Dad died 3 weeks later on October 8th.  I was in such shock that I ended up having reactions on the following Monday and wednesday and needed to have the ambulance called because my BS went down to 47 and 38 .. I literally thought I was having a stroke!!  well 2 D50 shots and a trip to the ER later, I can tell you I am doing ok now and its still hard to believe they are gone.  But please.. take care of yourself too!  You cant help anyone else if you too are sick and unstable.  And I am sure your family needs you to be ok.  My prayers of stregnth and courage are with you and your family as this IS the hardest thing you will ever have to go through.   If you ever need someone to vent, talk, cry or scream to.  Please dont hesitate to contact me, I've been there!      ~~Dawn

Jon - I'm sorry to hear about your rough day. Been there, done that, still doing the reactions - they never seem to go away. Enjoy every moment with your mom, and ask lots of family history questions while you have the chance. Hubby just lost his mom on Thanksgiving Day, and every so often, we think of another ?? we wished we had asked again. Things like, "How did great grandpa and great grandma meet?", or, "How long did Great Grandma and Grandpa know each other before they got married?". Family tree, etc .Take care of yourself, talk and visit, talk and visit some more, Go through the family photographs and label the backs of pictures with names, places, and dates. Have her tell the story about the picture. Talk and visit. Pray. Put a Phillie's game on  -- she might like that . Have some strawberry shortcake! Make memories!

If you cannot take care of yourself first, you cannot take care of anyone else... 'Old Saying' but true.

Dawn- My mother passed away on 7-25-11 at 10:30 p.m.. That is why i haven't been here recently. I really don't know how to contact people here yet but i will try and figure out how contact you.