Making life work with kidney disease

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 kidney disease after switching to a new endo. eGFR is 81. My numbers were in that range for a while now, but my prior endo never called it out to me, so this has been a rough surprise and I was advised to start following a low-sodium diet. I’m doing pretty well with it, learning to watch sauces, condiments, and hidden sources of sodium. Trying to save my “sodium points” for dinner because my hubby loves salty and flavorful food! But what the heck do people do when they need to eat out or at someone else’s house? In one week I had my grandson’s birthday party (brats and hot dogs served, thank God there was a salad), a potluck for a group I’m active in, and needing to eat on the run three days because of play rehearsals. I’m trying to order kid’s meals and hold the grill seasonings and salt, but any other advice for making good choices when not eating at home? Chinese and steakhouses have actually been OK, but Italian and Mexican are rough!