Malfunctioning pen

Our Humalog pen seems to pop up back to the one unit setting after injecting. We weren't sure if our daughter got a dose so she tried again and it popped back to one unit again. Now I think she got two doses so we gave her a handful of peanut M&M's. Her sugar is 82, lower than the 138 before dinner. 

The pen is half full. Should we throw it away?

She also gets nasty bruises from the Lantus injections. It is so so painful. 



if you aren't sure if she got the dose, it's better to wait and see if her numbers rise rather than give her another dose. with a kid, it's much easier to treat a high than it is to treat lows - especially since she's in her honeymoon phase and has some of her own insulin. this way she won't have to be constantly eating because of double doses.

i never used pens, so i'm afraid i can't tell you if it's actually malfunctioning or not. if it appears she's actually getting the insulin, i wouldn't see a need to throw it away. have you tried drawing up the insulin and injecting it into the air to see if any insulin is coming out? that would be a way to tell if she's getting her doses or not. because it's only 1 unit, i wouldn't expect to see any insulin streaming through the air - probably more like a little bubble in the end of the needle or a little dribble. 1 unit of insulin is a tiny amount!

I wouldn't use it if you're not sure. Maybe if you bring it to the pharmacist and show her the problem, she can help you get a new one through the company?

Also, about the Lantus, would holding an ice pack on the area help. The cold can slow down absorption I think , so you might want to check w/ the endo if that would matter for an long-lasting insulin, but that could help the pain after injecting.