Managing Prescription Refills

My son gets his insulin is from the local pharmacy, Tandem from Byrum, and Dexcom from a DEM pharmacy in the area. The prescriptions are filled at various times. Does anyone know an app that will allow you to manage prescription information in one place. Something that will remind you to process your refill, maintain information about your supplier, and set other reminders. Right now I just use my Apple calendar but a dedicated app just for diabetes supplies would be nice.

Welcome to the forum @BurDobbin! I hope someone can recommend an app for you. I don’t use one, but do get reminders from each of my suppliers (CVS, Walgreens and Edgepark) when it’s time - with time to spare for any auths necessary.
If you’re new to this you may find that your “internal clock” reminds you when the time is close.

Thank you. Two of my suppliers are great with reminders and the other two are hit or miss. The calendar works well but I thought there might be an easier way.

@BurDobbins Welcome Bur, to the jDRF TypeOneNation Community Forum!

I get both my Tandem supplies and Dexcom directly from Byram. The ordering is very simple, text or online website. I receive 80 day supplies and when it is time to reorder, Byram sends me a text plus an email as a reminder. To reorder, all I need to do is reply to the text with a “1” or “ORDER” - Simple.
Byram also offers other stuff delivered - you could call them to see if your son’s other prescriptions are insupply.

I don’t fill other scripts with Byram because my Medicare Advantage has its own mail-order service which delivers that stuff.

Device reps are knowledgeable about what suppliers work with insurance plans; so ask your Dexcom rep if Byram is an option for you. If so they can set you up so the devices are under one roof. You’ll get alerts for each when the time comes.