Managing T1, Motherhood & Pregnancy #2?

Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice and wisdom from the mommies here who have more than 1 little one. My little boy just turned 1 (how does it go so fast??), and we definitely want to have more kids, but feel a little anxious about it. I had great control during my pregnancy with him, but of course I only had me to take care of, so I could really focus on getting enough exercise, staying on top of everything, and keeping my BG in very tight control. Now, with a little one, and working almost full time, I just feel like there is never enough time (or energy) for everything. I definitely don’t exercise as much as I used to (which I hate!), and as much as I know it’s totally a priority, there are really just not enough hours in the day. He also hasn’t figured out how to sleep through the night, so there’s the tiredness factor too. I absolutely want more kids, but I just feel anxious about how I’ll be able to manage another pregnancy the way I did the first one.

I’d love to hear from any of you who have advice on how to handle type 1, mommyhood, and being pregnant too. (and working!)

Thanks ladies!

Hi Sarah,
I’m currently pregnant (32 weeks) with my second and I have a 4 year old son. I didn’t think I could handle getting pregnant again while my son was younger so we didn’t start trying for #2 till he was 3. To manage some of the stress I got my endo to petition my insurance to cover a pump and CGM this time, which insurance did, and it has been a GODSEND! Managing my D has been way easier this time for that reason and because I know more of what to expect this time. The very frequent doctor visits and the judgmental attitude of some of the specialists I come into contact with is the most stressful part of the whole ordeal for me.

My son keeps me on track more than he disrupts. Because of him I am forced to cook more regularly than before (and am more happy to do it when I know it’s for someone else’s well-being in addition to mine). At almost 4 years old he even helped save me from a couple lows, the wonderful child.

I have to disclose that I own my own business and work from home, along with my husband. It doesn’t mean I’m not constantly busy and/or working, but it does mean my busy busy day is very flexible.

Family and friends nearby, willing to help, with flexible schedules are also imperative to have. The ability to get a babysitter in a pinch or just to relax after a hard week makes all the difference.

I hope this helps you decide/prepare for another one. For me everything about it is easier the second time around. It might be that I’m more prepared and know what I need and what to prioritize and ask for.

Take care!!

Hi Sarah!

So I only have one child right now and I’m a stay at home mom (she’s 2) but I thought I’d throw in my two cents about having a second child as a type 1. I want to have a second child but like the other reader posted, I want to wait until my daughter is three before starting to try for number two.
Reasons being: 1) she will be in preschool which will free up a couple days a week where I can go to the weekly doctor appointments alone for the diabetes management while pregnant. (I don’t have family close by or anyone who watches her so we are attached at the hip pretty much 24/7.)
I have a hard enough time going shopping with my toddler so there’s no way I’d be able to focus at an appt with her in tow. 2). She’ll be older and will be able to do more on her own without my assistance. Anyway, these are the top two reasons I want to wait which should help things be a bit easier on my part while pregnant and also managing the diabetes. Having lows always make me nervous around my daughter so I’m nervous about that if I have two little ones under me. I feel grateful after 27 years with the disease I can still tell when they’re coming on. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and a healthy pregnancy if/when you decide to take the plunge!!

Best Wishes,


I came onto the site to post a question just like this one! I had my dd nine months ago and just came from an appointment with my endo. We want to have baby 2 and have been thinking about trying to get pregnant this fall after baby turns 1 (I’m old, don’t have time on my side). But my HbA1c today was a 7.3 and the conversation with we did IVF so my doctor simply won’t give a green light to proceed until my sugars are closer to a 6. To be honest, here’s how I feel - I worked so hard to have a healthy pregnancy with my first (and it was great, she went past 37 weeks and was and is healthy), that I have let myself slide since delivering. And I don’t know why, but today was the first day that I realized that if I was serious about doing this, and doing it later this year, that I need to get myself psyched up and right away.

So that’s not really helpful, but more that I’m in the same boat. I’d love to hear some inspiration too!

Thanks for the advice and input, I appreciate it. I can see how having an older child could make it easier…unfortunately, I’m at an age where I can’t wait too long if we want to have more, so I need to manage that reality as well! We also don’t have family nearby for regular help, but I’m working on finding a good babysitter or two that we can rely on here or there. My husbands schedule is pretty flexible, so I know we’ll have to take advantage of that when it comes to juggling all pieces of life with little people. I’ve been working on tightening my control (yes, it’s easy to let yourself slide after a pregnancy of such tight control!) and have an appt with my endo at the end of this month, so we’ll see where I am then.

If there are any others out there who can share their experiences, I’d still love to hear them! Thanks!

This is so long after the last post, but I wanted to add my two cents.

I have a 15 month old and am pregnant with our second. It’s absolutely doable. You didn’t mention if you’re on a pump or MDI. Do you have a cgm? My dexcom has been such a godsend.

I had awful morning sickness with both, and still was able to maintain a good a1c.

Honestly, you can totally do it. You will be fine. Getting pregnant will make you more in tune with your blood sugars anyways and you will learn to adjust. It’s good practice for running around after two kids instead of just one!

Thanks for your response kaylaradeke! I’m actually now pregnant, 13 weeks along, and my son is 19 months old. He’ll be just over 2 when we have our 2nd. And despite my worry going into it, as you said, I’m doing it! Yes, I use the OmniPod and Dexcom, which makes a HUGE difference. I can’t imagine pregnancy without a Dexcom - it’s such an amazing tool. Thanks for posting, it was good timing to hear from you, now that I’m in the middle of it all. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been on this site in a long time, but I just happened to read your original post, and you took the words right out of my mouth! I have an 11-month-old and we’re trying for a second (although I’m breastfeeding and my period hasn’t come back, so not too hopeful yet). I just had this exact conversation today. I’m glad to hear that you’re managing it and making it work, and congrats on your pregnancy!!!