Managing Your Diabetes During Delivery

Hi Everyone,
I met with my endo last week and we started talking about delivery. (I’m currently 30 weeks) She mentioned that when I deliver the hospital would hook me up to an insulin drip and manage all of my insulin needs. Has this been your experience too? I’m currently on the pump and tend to be a little Type A when it comes to managing my diabetes. It’s hard to imagine totally unhooking and letting someone else control things like that. But I also know I’ll be a little preoccupied in the hospital so maybe it’s a good thing :slight_smile: Just curious what everyone else’s experience has been and if it’s normal to be on a drip rather than your pump while in the hospital.

Whether or not you’re on a drip is entirely up to you. With Gus, I stayed connected to my pump during labor/delivery, so that I could still receive my basal rate, but the medical staff took over, with my consent, checking my sugar and bolusing for me via an IV. With Lucy, the only change I made was that any boluses were to be given via my pump, and if I wasn’t in a place to do it, the medical staff was to tell my husband to give me a bolus through my pump. I’m really glad that I passed this off so that I didn’t have to care about it. I could focus on the labor and delivery, and nothing else.

Omigosh, it’s like you’re typing my thoughts! I’m currently 29 weeks, my dr just told me the same thing, I’m really really hesitant to give up control, and I was also wondering if it’s normal to be allowed to stay connected to the pump during delivery.

With the delivery of my first son I had taken Lantus that day and was hooked up to an insulin drip just in case they needed to adjust my bs, but since I wasn’t eating anything and my Lantus was on-board I think they didn’t actually use it. After delivery, once able to eat, they tried to manage via insulin drip for a few hours until I got really frustrated with the high and low swings resulting from their dosing and convinced the doctor to disconnect me and let me dose myself with my insulin pens. Needless to say, I wasn’t on the pump then but now I am.

Hoping I can stay on the pump during delivery but since I’m having a repeat c-section (I think…) even if it’s a drip it’ll only last a few hours at most.

My OB was not a high risk OB and trusted my endo and I to manage my diabetes. I have a CGM and pump, so I was able to keep all of this on during delivery and manage my pump on my own. I even had a doc come in after deliver and try to tell me what to set everything to. He had it completely backwards and I had to tell HIM what I was going to do. He said, OK, you know better than I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most doctors in these settings have minimal experience with T1 and base their treatment on T2. If you and your endo feel confident you can manage, then I say go for it! You live with it and probably know best. I have had T1D for almost 32 years, so I felt I definitely could do better than the OB staff.

Like mluczakorr, I was doing injections and taking Lantus with my pregnancy. I just gave birth 2 weeks ago. I took half the usual dose of my Lantus the day I was going in to be induced, and was hooked up to an insulin and glucose drip to be used “as needed” during my L&D. I’m extremely controlling about my diabetes and hate handing my control over to doctors, but can honestly say it turned out okay and I’m happy with what I did. I was on injections though, so I’m not sure how relevant my reply is if you’re on the pump. I can understand how that is different and even more-so frustrating. At least with me I still got to do my long-lasting. It really wasn’t awful though! :slight_smile: