Manga/Anime anyone?

Ok. I have to say this, manga and anime are awesome. it is entirly undeniable. you must agree. i mean, you have no choice, it IS awesome. I LOVE the stuff. Its like drugs. Im just wondering, does anyone else like it? Whats your favorite?

Mine are Vampire knight, soul eater, wallflower(perfect girl evolution), Whitch hunter, Death note, Zettai karen children, piano no mori, absolute boyfriend, 666 satan(o-part hunter), narutos ok, bleach is ok, fruits basket annnnnd....i cant think of any others....OK!!

I love all of Miazaki's and Studio Ghibli's works. Vampire knight was a sweet little anime, and Wall flower is a great manga! I have also recently seen Shikabane Hime, I quit reading deathnote after Light died. Okiku Furikabutte is one of the best manga I have ever read, I say this because I hate baseball yet it was so good I gained an understanding of the game, how it can be played (when it isn't major league,) I loved all of the characters. It felt so real reading it.

I am very impatient and love reading oneshots and short stories, I do not like animes or mangas that go past 24 volumes. I don't have that type of money or time to spend. I believe that the 24 volume format is beautiful and concise. It really shows skill and balance of author/artist.

>_> 10 years and I still haven't grown out of this completely, and I hope I never do.

heheh. Actually for death note, theres only like one chapter after Light dies. As for the money issue...i've only ever bought 2 mangas. i read them online. If i get the chance i usually buy them to support the manga but we dont exactly have a vast selection here.(I can NEVER find Soul Eater, Witch hunter or Vampire Knight ANYWHERE) its very sad.....;_;