When marinading meat how do you count the carbs? If the serving size is 1 tablespoon, but you are soaking a whole chicken breast how do you know what you'll get. I know that the carbs in this case is only 2, but what if I use BBQ sauce which is higher? We were afraid to get a higher carb flavor. My daughter was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and we haven't found her ratio yet so she's limited to the carbs she can have per meal still.

Thanks for the help in advance!!!


the marinades at my house are super low carb. if they are low like that, dont count them. if its like barbeque sauce, you could measure it out or estimate

I've never really thought about this aspect before.  However, now that I do reflect on it, I am realizing that when I marinate meats, usually with a homemade marinade, it is made with olive oil, vinegar (red wine vinegar, balsamic, etc...) and some other non-carb seasoning such as garlic, pepper, cumin, etc...  All that to say that the marinades themselves have no carbs.  If I decide to add a BBQ sauce to the meat, it is usually at the end of the grilling, so it is a lot easier to figure out how much per portion.

(Does all that make sense???)