Maternity leave

So I have a question for everyone!! My current job doesn't offer maternity leave or short term disability (which I'm already having to leave my job because I cant work here while pregnant...I lift the patient I take care of, which I no longer can do)..Anyways, I just interviewed for another job last week which doesn't offer health insurance or short term disability (they do offer long term disability though). Not having health insurance isn't an issue for me because I'm on my husbands policy...But my question and concern is what happens once I have my baby and am on maternity leave? In all reality, I cant honestly afford to not work for those 2-3 months I'd be off without some sort of income.. What are you all doing if you don't mind my asking??

Any advice would be great!!




I can definitely relate with the work and maternity issue. I teach and I have insurance and maternity leave, BUT I want to change jobs and I have an interview for a new position that pays much more money. The problem is my maternity leave wont be effective until after a yr of work, I believe, so that new position might take away my maternity leave :( plus the stress of starting a new job ...I'd miss work relatively early in the school year because the school yr starts in August and I'm due in oct. honestly, this post might not help you much, because I'm not sure about what I should do! I might purchase short term disability for new employees, if they offer the new job. I hope we both can find an awesome solution! :)

Most jobs don't offer paid maternity leave.  Based on FMLA they are just required to hold your job and give you up to 3 months of unpaid leave.

I had a cushy state job that offers obscene levels of sick/vacation time.  Since I knew I was expecting in March and we get knew leave time every July, I hoarded my sick and vacation days and had enough to cover the 3 months I was off work.  

Can your employer fire you so you'd be eligible for unemployment benefits?  

Their only reason to fire me would be because I cant do my job based on the fact only being pregnant. I'm sure they would be worried they would get accused of letting me go for that reason and dont want to risk getting in trouble. Its just a headache.. I also work at a hospital and trying to get hired on full time there right now because they offer short term disability while on maternity. Fingers crossed and just hoping for the best

Good luck getting hired full time.  

In your situation you should keep your job but don't put yourself at risk or strain yourself while you are pregnant or after you have your baby.  If you cannot lift patients safely or do other parts of your job, just make it known to your employer and they can either find something else for you to do or fire you for being unable to perform the job tasks. Do not willingly quit.

The reality for many people is they cannot afford to take much time off for maternity leave off.  Do whatever you can to cut expenses or earn extra money now so you can at least take a little time off to recover and spend time with your new baby.