I have been trying to get my son age 14 to join juvenation and he has fought it (he doesn't want any attention to himself ). Well I finally got thru and he joined. His username is Mattb and I hope you will ask him to be friends - especially the younger people around his own age.

I will go find him in a second, but maybe you can have him read this first (;

Juvenation is an AMAZING place. If you're worried about attention as far as your diabetes, here its not really a big deal. We have so many side conversations about random things. Also, Juvenation is a great place to meet people who have the same problems, frustrations, and questions as you will and we all understand them better than someone who does not have diabetes.

I am 15 and Juvenation is a great way to meet friends, too. Everyone here is so welcoming and open! I hope you find this site helpful, Matt!


Welcome to the family!


I never knew your name was Savannah...

Hi Savannah

Thank you for taking Matthew under your wing. He is still going thru a lot. I think he was a bit worried that all anyone would discuss would be diabetes. I am glad to hear other conversations develop. He has been pretty busy so I hope in the next day or so he can accept the friendships and start to communicate. By the way I love the name Savannah 

if hediddent want to join you should NOT have made him!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry if that sounded rude i couldent think of a better way to say it :D






I'M  imperfect thanks diabeties!

I think it is great that he joined. This website definitely made me more comfortable about talking about my diabetes and I have found such amazing people here that I wouldn't be able to "live" without!

I agree - there have been some great people here - yourself included - that have helped. At any time I was able to find help when he was going thru something from newly diagnosed to not taking insulin someone has been thru it.

He is getting better at checking this site - right now I think he is still playing "if my dad likes it I can't like it:". I remember that age.

I know we have one newbie on board - diagnosed a week ago. Hope she stays around. The first two or three are usually fine - its month 2 and 3 that hit you pretty hard.