I'm taking the mcat on friday and was just wondering if anyone else has taken it and if so do you have any advice, insight, etc? I've been studying all summer for it, but my practice test scores have been all over the place so I have no idea how I'm going to do. I also applied for special accomodations so that I can bring my pump, jellybeans, and testing supplies into the test room, but I havn't gotten approved yet (they're still deciding or something) so if I don't I guess I won't have a pump during it which would suck but I would at least be able to use it during breaks. Anyway, just wondering if anyones taken it before or has any advice, preferably advice that'll make me less nervous :), on taking standardized tests!


whats a mcat?

i dont see them denying you those accommodations, so i wouldn't worry too much :)


as for tips for the test..just remember to relax and take all the time you need..if you get stuck on a Q, move on and go back later. :)

Breathe!  Get lotsa sleep the night before.  Don't overthink things.  Trust what you know!  Eat a good breakfast.  Arive early.  Breathe!  lol  I pray you do well!

Medical College Admission Test


When I took the GRE I did not wear my pump b/c I thought they would take it.  It turned out they took my insulin and syringe, but a pump would have been classified as part of my person, and so I would not have been asked to surrender it.  I don't know if this is determined by the testmakers or the place that administers the test.

i took the GRE and didn't even bother to tell them i was diabetic. it beeped during the test, but no one seemed to care.

everything you guys have said has been really helpful. They made such a big deal about not bringing anything into the test room, but I did have one friend who took it and he said they didn't pat him down or anything so I think if I don't hear from them before friday I'll just wear my pump in and not say anything...thanks for your input!

Oh my gosh, I would hope you'd be fine if you turned the alarms on your pump to silent and had it hidden. I'm on MDI's, and I've always just snuck insulin pens and candy into SAT, GRE, etc and had no problem. But, maybe they are becoming more strict?

Good luck on your test!!!

Haha what timing.  I just took the MCAT last Friday.

I applied for accommodations for my pump/food too but they rejected my claim because I didn't make it early enough (I didn't realize you had to make a request for a pump).  I called them multiple times to figure SOMETHING out, but they were absolutely not budging so my only choice was to switch to shots a few days prior or risk trying to sneak in my pump.  I was pretty livid that I had to have this increased stress during a super stressful test already.  Kinda retarded that the people who let you become doctors don't want you treating your diabetes, no?

Come to find it out didn't matter.  I got to testing center and they asked me to empty my pockets so I took everything out and left the pump in but said "I wear an insulin pump because I have type 1 diabetes".  I don't know if all the testing site people will be cool like this, but I showed it to her and she just said "ok".  I had my meter and glucose tabs with me and left them in the lockers you're provided outside the testing room.  I just tested beforehand, tested during breaks, went low once and just ate some tabs and lowered my basal, otherwise diabetes wasn't a big issue.

If I were you I would just make it seem like you can't take off the pump once you get to the testing site without making too big of a deal about it.  If they're a-holes and make you take it off then just reconnect during breaks.  That was my plan B if they made me take it off.

My practice test scores were all over the place too.  Don't worry about it.  If you get out of a section and feel like you did awful just remember that everybody did awful if it was a hard section.  I don't really have any test advice other than answer EVERYTHING and really pay close attention to VR, I feel like half the questions there are just trying to trip you up into making stupid mistakes.

My test was really heavy on sound stuff in PS (which I conveniently decided not to study for), both my writing prompts were politics oriented, and there was a lot of kidney and digestion stuff.  PS raped me, but I knew that was gonna be my weakest section.  And all this advice could be completely useless because yours will probably be completely different, BUT if I had the chance to go back I would have studied more those couple topics.

My only other advice is to sleep well, eat well, and keep your blood sugar rock solid before the test so you don't have to worry about it.  If they give you the OK on your accommodations request then awesome, but dont waste any time testing during a test, just eat the second you feel low.


Good luck!  I know it sucks.  It was an awful summer for me too, and you'll never leave that test feeling great, but just know that everyone else feels the same way.  Let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thanks SO much! That makes me feel a lot better about just brining my pump in if I don't hear from them before Friday and its helpful to hear how the test went for you and I have a feeling I'll be feeling similar after but it must feel so nice to have it overwith! Thanks again for all the insight

Yeah I've never taken this test but from what others have said, just wear it and make sure the alert setting is on 'vibrate' or something non-beeping.