I think I only have one question. Do you still have to wait at least two hours between carb meals? Or is it more?


Riley is going to have a class party and I told her she could pick a few goodies and I will be there for it to bolus her but her lunch is at 12:30 and the party will be at 1. I can have the school let her eat lunch earlier that day so she can take part in the party but yeah not sure about that one it makes since to wait 2 hours still.


Haha of course I thought of one more. When switching from NPH to levemir which we are giving at bed time I know we dont give her her NPH at dinner but still the log correct? Then the levemir at bed time.

They might want you to wait at least 2 hours (and possibly 3 or more) between carb meals when  you are starting the MDI (Levemir and novolog) program.  For our son, we were supposed to wait 3 hours at the beginning, and only offer 'free snacks' in between. This was because we were doing all the record keeping and were still figuring out the correct carb ratios for each of his meals (he was different for every meal).

However, for my son, in this special occasion situation, I would have him eat lunch at the normal time (with her normal dose of insulin before) and then just give enough insulin to cover the carbs in the party treats. I would test his BG before he eats at the party, but I would only do this as an 'informational' check, I wouldn't also correct the BG because of it. Not waiting the three hours will be fine for one time.

I would give the novolog at dinner and then the levemir at bedtime.

JDV'sMom is absolutely right. Just check her BG before she eats the party treats. I started having a problem with Brandan wanting to snack a lot and could hardly ever get him to wait 2 hours between eating carbs. Brandan's endo wants me to never deny him a snack or carbs so her advice was this: He is on a 1:30 ratio for most of the day, so for example if he has a snack of 10-12 carbs, which is ALMOST enough for 1/2 a unit, I should let it go. But if he eats more within an hour I should add that 10-12 carbs with what he just ate and cover it all together. The reason for this is to prevent a low. Sometimes not covering the 10-12 carbs results in a high, but sometimes he stays in range. So, maybe if her party treats don't add up to many carbs, you could just wait and add that to her lunch, especially if her BG is in range to start with. If it was high I would correct before she started eating and then cover everything together at lunchtime, but that's easy for me to say because I wouldn't have to travel to the school.

Ok thanks ladies. This wont happen often and she does get a after school snack if she wants and I will have to cover it but no bed time carb snack. That worries me a little just cause well I dont want her low over night. I guess I will have to just wait and see how she reacts to it all.


That is what I thought on the switch just wanted to make sure.