Me? Inspiring?

I'm an avid Zumba fan.  Today I was walking out of class and this woman named Dottie said "So I see you have an insulin pump...well my daughter has one too."  This is a rarity in my small Arizona city, as only a handful of people in Flagstaff have it.  She proceeded to tell me that her daughter was a T2 on a pump and had spent 3 weeks in a coma from ketoacidosis. She now has some permanent brain damage, but has started to exercise more and is trying to take care of herself.  Dottie then said that she had noticed the site in class on Thursday and told her daughter about it and then said that I was a little inspiration for her daughter.  As a 23 year old T1, about to celebrate 15 years with diabetes, I was flattered.  This comment proved to me that I'm not only not alone in this world, but the littlest things can inspire other diabetics...I continued to show them the Dexcom CGM and Dottie was also surprised to see that I put my site in my arm.  We all have bad days with diabetes, but comments like this make me realize how unique and different I am, and I'm truely fortunate to have a loving and caring support system behind me.  There is nothing greater than to hear the words that you inspire someone with a disease that can be so tough to live with. :)



And in sharing the story... continue to inspire the rest of us - thank you for sharing this with us.

I expect you are on track for much continued success and many more of these moments over the years -