Me siento sola en este camino de t1d.. mama necesita ayuda

hola! me gustaria conocer a madres con hijos t1d, en mi comunidad no conosco a ninguna persona con hijos t1d, en ocaciones me siento muy sola, espero conocer a muchas personas en esta comunidad

Yanine @yanine_30, Welcome to TypeOneNation!

At the top of this page, open the “Events” Tab, and then click on the “JDRF Near You” near the top left of the page.
When a new window opens, enter your city or your zip code and you will be provided the locations of Chapters near you. Select whichever chapter you want and there will be contact information. The people there can put you in touch with other parents.

Best Wishes

:heart::heart:thank you!!! dennis for the help