Howdy ya'll!!

My name is Heather, im 15, live in St. Louis, Mo. and was recently dxd with T1 a week ago yesterday.  Im in 10th grade.  I love ALL kinds of sports and i LOVE to be active! I also love to paint, draw, color, anything in that area. I have 3 brothers they are Ryan ( 18 )  Dylan ( 12 ) and Brett ( 4 ) and i have a dog named Sprinkles Chocolate Chip, we dont know what kind of dog she is but we think shes part beagle.  I love my mom and dad, through this whole thing they have been there and supporting me all the way. I love to cook & try new foods.  Ii love Chicken Alferdo, but i love chicken period so....  Im in Student Council at my school and i do alot of activities and fundraisers with them and its alot of FUN!! I love to be moving or doing something with myself during the day & im not one of those couch potatoes!! Well i guess thats all you got to know about me for now...


Hi Heather. Welcome. I am sorry that you were diagnosed with type 1, but you will find that there is lots of support on this forum. Everyone here has helped me. I am 46 and was diagnosed in Aug 2009. I started the pump this week and it is great. If you have any questions this is the place to be.

Take care


Okay, I already feel better.  I was dagnosed with Type 1 just last week (while spending a week in the hospital)-and I am 43 years old!  Has anyone explained to you how type 1 can appear so much later in life, when it is most common in children?  Or, has it been "in hiding" all this time?

I'm really glad I found this website!