Meal Plans

I am 5 weeks and 2 days and just visited with a Diabetes Educator today.  Do any of you have an favorite sites for meal plans or recipes or any tips of what you are doing that seems to be working?  I'm doing well, but am overwhelmed at the moment with the three meal/three snack a day plan.  The most interesting fact that I learned today was that caffeine can raise blood sugar.  I had no idea and would have loved it if someone would have shared that information 10 years ago when I was diagnosed...

I'd appreciate any advice that you can share!  Thanks!!


First of all congrats!! It is a very exciting time!

Yes, caffeine can raise your blood sugar. I know it definitely does for me! My OB said only one caffeine drink per day but, I have stayed away from coffee all together. It was an extremely hard adjustment in the beginning to be off coffee during the first month of my pregnancy. (I am now going into my 35 week) I think I was going through major withdrawals because the headaches I had felt as though my head was literally about to explode.

I don't really follow any sort of meal plan off of a website or anything like that. With the help of my dietician we came up with some options for healthy eating and things I should definitely add to my diet like, more fruits, veggies, dairy, lean proteins. But, I haven't really changed anything from what I was already doing.

Adding in 3 snacks however was a pain for me.

Some snack options I chose were: greek yogurt (fage) low fat string cheese, cheeze it snack packs, nature valley granola bars, 100 calorie snacks. I do better with the snack packs because if i am on the go I just throw them in my bag.

If you haven't seen a nutrionist yet, that may be a good option because they can help you with a meal plan, based on things you already like and keep your weight gain to a minimum per week. My nutritionist told me based on what I would be eating I'd gain between 30-35 pounds total. Right now I am 30 pounds total with 6 weeks to go so, not too bad. Probably more than I would have liked but whatever!

Did your OB tell you about Folic acid and Prenatals yet? If you haven't started prenatals, you can get them at your local pharmacy, target, walgreens, etc.. I bought gummy Prenatals because the pills were making me sick to my stomach.

Why are you doing a 3 meals/3 snack plan?  I think that would be difficult anytime, but especially during pregnancy.  

I think it's better to eat what you are hungry for and when you are hungry, keep your diet reasonably healthy, and count the carbs and adjust your insulin for what is eaten.  The amazing thing about pregnancy is it makes your body super efficient at getting every nutrient out of what you eat.  And your body is designed to make sure your baby gets the calories and nutrients it needs.  

It is helpful to meet with a nutritionist and make sure they don't have any concerns.  Mine recommended eating the same breakfast every day for the duration of my pregnancy.  It really helped me identify when my insulin needed to increase, especially in the 3rd trimester.  

When you're expecting it feels like managing your pregnancy is a full-time job.  But after your baby is born you realize it was just the prologue and now real life begins.  It is humbling and wonderful and entertaining.  Congratulatons on your baby!    

I am currently 35 weeks along and am following a 3 meal, 2-3 snack plan.  My high risk OB has me on very tight control and after my initial resistance to his advice about meals (I have had Type I for 19 years, am on a pump, and figured I could just keep eating how I was and bolusing for it) I have to admit he was right.  

Here is what I am doing that works for me:

Breakfast:  I have the same 2-3 breakfasts that I rotate.  I either have a piece of wheat toast with peanut butter, or 2 eggs with a tortilla & salsa or piece of toast, or as a splurge I'll have a subway egg and cheese on wheat english muffin.  I try to keep the carb count to under 20.  No milk, fruit or cereal for breakfast, ever.  

Snacks:  I usually eat a snack 2 hours after my breakfast and lunch, and do not bolus for it.  This keeps me in the 60-90 range before my next meal.  Snacks are always about 15g  of carbs with a protein.  Examples:  cottage cheese or greek yogurt with berries, yogurt and almonds,  a piece of fruit with a mozzarella stick, Babybel cheese with 5 wheat Triscuits.  I don't think it is difficult making sure you have snacks available - I just buy enough options for the week and keep them in the fridge at work.

Lunch/Dinner:  I am a little more flexible here.  I think it depends on what works for you.  I have always been able to eat pasta and not spike.  I just avoid things that I know are a problem - Thai and Chinese food in particular.  Just make sure you eat protein with each meal.

I stopped eating a bedtime snack because I eat dinner a little later and don't seem to need it.  Sometimes I have a glass of miilk before bed.

I am not "super strict" about the exchanges and meal planning that the dietician recommended.  I make sure that I am not ever hungry, but I do try to stick with consistent meal/snacktimes.  If I don't my blood sugars can be off for at least a day.  


Hey JenS-

That's cool that the multi-meal & snack plan works for you.  I just don't think it's mandatory.  

I ate the same breakfast but otherwise had whatever I wanted or skipped  eating if I wasn't hungry.  Thanks to a pump I had a 5.1 A1c with few lows (none severe) and a healthy baby.  

One funny thing is that I've never minded peanut butter, but when pregnant I craved it and loved peanut butter crackers, sandwiches, even veggies and cookies dipped in peanut butter.  My son has been a peanut butter fanatic his whole life.  He eats a PB&J every day for lunch and never wants anything different.  =)

Hey Guys!  

Thanks to everyone who has responded.  The nutritionist wants me to do three meals and 2/3 snacks.  Today went great.  I think for now I'll skip the afternoon snack so I can have a larger dinner.  I found a smoothie recipe made with bananas, cocoa and peanut butter yesterday and made it this morning and loved it.  I appreciate all of your feedback.  I can't wait for the first sonogram on Monday!

Thanks again!

T1 since 2002, Minimed Pump, Dexcom CGM

This was really helpful, especially about the snacks!  I started Prenatal Vitamins back in January, so I am good on that!  Thank you again!


That smoothie sounds delish! Like Jenna, I am really into peanut butter during my pregnancy as well! The chunky kind MMMmmmMMM How many carbs was it?

Hey Gina,

Here is the link to the smoothie.  

It has worked out great the last two mornings but the dietician just told me I should not be having it in the morning because it has fruit in it...  There is another one that has cocoa and cherries that I planned to try tomorrow.  But, now I am not sure what to do.  I may go back to my english muffin but was so excited to have found something really yummy and new. :(  What do you normally eat in the mornings?

JenS, thanks for your suggestions.  I am most likely going to be following your morning routine!

About how many units of insulin are you ladies taking a day?

Thanks again for all of your suggestions and support!  I'm so glad I found this!


In the mornings I usually have English Muffin and peanut butter and/or egg, Ensure Shake, High Fiber Cereal with low fat milk,  When I have cereal I definitely to bolus 15 minutes to 20 before and it usually does the trick to prevent a spike. My nutritionist doesn't really recommend cereal but, I don't really have a huge problem with it, and I REALLY need the fiber these days if you know what I mean lol. I do best with English Muffin or wheat bread though.

Sometimes you just have to stick with what works!!

Right now my daily intake of insulin has been ranging 75-90 units. I used to be half that pre-pregnancy! But, I am in my 3rd trimester now and having a lot of insulin resistance the past two months. I only have 4 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!

I am now taking 1:4 carb ratio! It is seriously crazy how that works! My a1c went up a bit this past month but, it was to be expected. No one seems concerned so I just go with the flow.

Considering I am the worst worry wort ever, I have been really good with everything. So my new motto for 2012 is GO WITH THE FLOW LOL