Measuring big? Help Mommas?

So I went into my doctor today to get a clearance to go to Kauai tomorrow which she checked my service and said that it was high and tight so I could go.  However, she measured by belly and said I am measuring at 32 weeks when I am technically only 29 weeks + 3 days.  She said that it could mean that the baby is getting big quick because of the type 1 or it could mean that I have more amniotic fluid (another type 1 issue) I left the appointment so dissapointed.  My endo on Monday just congradulated me for my good control of my blood sugars and that I only have a few and rare spikes after dinner but I mainly stay below 140!  I told my OB this and she said that even though that is super good diabetic numbers, in pregnancy it's still high because of the "normal" sugar that baby gets from non diabetic moms is less because their blood sugars are 60-90. 

I love my OB, but she is going to start the NST on halloween when I technically should be 32 weeks and do it twice a week plus a AFT once a week to check for fetal growth.  So I asked her what happens if baby is measuring too big?  She said that if that is the case then when we get to be around 37-38 weeks then they would take her via C-section...

I had a couple tears as I left the office because my goal of a normal induction or going into labor on my own flew out the window...

any ideas?


The ultrasound tech said my 2nd daughter was going to be 9+ lbs (That was towards the end... 34 or 36 weeks?).  She was 6lb 13oz.    It was standard care at my perinatalogist's office (mind you, this was 11 and 9 years ago) to have twice a week non-stress tests from 32 weeks on.  (No idea what 'normal' is anymore).

Try not to worry too much.  Have a good trip!

Thanks just makes me feel like being a diabetic I am damaging my baby or growing her too quick...I started having negative thoughts about am I being to selfish to want a baby or am I going to be a statistic that all the people that were against me getting pregnant just shake their heads and say, " we tried to tell her."

They told me weeks ago that my amniotic fluid was not high, but just borderline high. I've been having ultrasounds every 2 weeks for the last couple months. I was recently diagnosed with mild pre-eclampsia so I've been having even more ultrasounds. I've had 3 in the past week and a half. My very LAST ultrasound should be today, as I'm being induced this Monday (October 17th). I'll be 37 weeks pregnant. In all of my ultrasounds my babygirl has been measuring huge. She is always in like the 94th or 98th percentile. I am trying not to stress about it though because I know the measurments are just an estimate. At 35 weeks 5 days an ultrasound tech told me she was measuring 8 lbs, 1 ounce!!! And then 3 or 4 days later I had another ultrasound (different tech) and she told me my baby was measuring 7 lbs, 4 ounces.

I was 94 lbs pre-pregnancy and now I am 125 lbs (and this is WITH gaining about 6-7 lbs from pre-eclampsia swelling) and my doctor does NOT want to do a c-section on me. He is inducing on Monday and even though I am small and baby is measuring big he thinks I can do a vaginal delivery. He will only do a c-section if it becomes apparent that she can't come out, or if she becomes stressed, or some other complication shows up. He is very anti-c-section.

Just relax and have fun in Kauai!!! Lots of diabetics are told they are going to have massive, giant babies and end up with normal size babies. None of this really matters anyways so long as baby is healthy! I honestly don't care whether I end up having a c-section. I just want to see my babygirl and know that she is healthy, has no birth defects, and can breathe with her own lungs!

Rachel that is wonderful news as I hope all is well with you !!! update us!!!! I honestly don't care if i have a c section or not either even though I do prefer to have a vaginal...all that is important is baby's health.  

Hey Nicole- I had to laugh a bit when I read this because we kinda got pregnant together and I am freaking about the same stuff.  According to the ultrasound our little guy is measuring 2 wks ahead but when they measure my uterus it is closer to 3 wks ahead.  My last A1c was a 4.7% and they were all happy about that and the second they saw the u/s they got all "you are diabetic, take better care of yourself" again.  My A1c with my first son was 5.8% and he was only 8 lbs 13 oz when I delievered at 39 wks.   I am sure you are doing just fine.  They are doctors, they need some type of scientific explanation for EVERYTHING so they are blaming your diabetes.  As far as NST- I had them 2x a week with my first too starting the 3rd trimester.  

I know what you mean worrying about having too much amniotic fluid though.  Especially since all my measurements and the A1c seem to conflict.  Katie is right though (as always)- the ultrasounds etc are only so accurate.  My sister just had a baby and he was 7 lbs 13 oz, she was told 4 wks before he was born that he was 8 lbs.  So according to them her baby lost weight the last 4 wks of pregnancy, I don't think so.  

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Rachel yeah it is soooo mind bending of all the doctors opinions and percentiles and everything ahhhhh.  Were you induced at 39 weeks with your first?

Oddly enough, I was scheduled for a c-section because  "he's big enough, it's time to get him outta there".  They told me I had ZERO signs of labor, everything was nice and tight- they said it would take DAYS just to get things moving along- so scheduled the c-section the next day.  Less than 24 hours after my appointment I went in for my c-section and ta-da I was dilated to 3, 50% effaced and having regular contractions.  They added some pitocin to keep it moving and 13 hours later I had a healthy baby boy in my arms.  It was an easy labor too.  I know I am in for it this time- no one can have it that easy twice! LOL