Measuring WAY ahead

So when I was only 31 weeks and 5 days I had an ultrasound and my babygirl was measuring 5 lbs, 2 ounces. I know these are "estimations" and can be off a little, but the ultrasound tech says she is measuring HUGE. I have been having ultrasounds every 2 weeks and and for the past several ultrasounds she has been gaining roughly about 12 ounces a week, which my OB says is way too much. He thinks it's coming a lot from my diabetes and wants me to get better control, but I really don't feel like I'm doing horrible. Most of my fasting numbers are between 75-90 and most of my post meal numbers are under 130. I most certainly do get spikes sometimes, but I test frequently and I always correct immediately. Anyways, here is why I am really concerned. Pre-pregnancy I was 94 lbs and now at 33 weeks (tomorrow) I have just gotten up to 114 lbs. I have always been a really small person and if this baby keeps gaining weight at this rate she is easily going to be 11 lbs or so by the time I am full term. I tried asking my OB what his plans are if she keeps growing like this and he told me he absolutely does not want to induce until I am 39 weeks. But preferably he wants me to go to 40. What the heck?! I know the baby needs to be as close as possible to full term so she can be healthy, but she is already getting so big.


What percentile is your baby at?  For instance my high risk specialist said that as long as baby is between 25-75 percentile of their age group that is fine.  He also told me that just because my diabetes is under great control does not ensure that I will have a 7lb baby.  He asked me if I know women who seem to just have a really fast metabolism and can eat anything and not gain weight and others who say that they breath in pasta and gain 5lbs?  I said yes and he said that holds the same for your infant.  He said that if my blood sugar was out of control then yes I am adding to her weight and growth....I have also read posts from women who have had doctors tell them that they were having a 9 - 10lb baby and so they did a C section and the baby was only take it with a grain of salt, you know your body and your health and ask them statistically how close are they to their predictions?

You should be able to tighten up a little.  If your post meal numbers are 130 you may need to take more insulin when you eat or take it before eating.  

You might try to drop your target blood sugar lower too.  When pregnant I aimed for 80 at all times, since that is non-diabetic.  If you try  that make sure to test often and so you don't have lows.  

Also consider your family history.  Did your mom or other women in your family have big babies?  How about the girls on your husband's side of the family?  

Congratulations on your daughter.