Med ids I have gone for seven years without ever wearing an id bracelet. i'm thinking about getting one and i'm kinda hesitant in deciding on what to put on it. I am about to grow out of my pediactric doctor, so I don't want to put her name on it, and I'm about to go to college, so I'm not sure if I should put an emergency contact on it.  I was wondering what everyone else has engraved on theirs.

When I was little we would get one and my dad would engraved on the back "diabetic." Than when I was about 10 or 11 I was give ID Bracelet than about 1 or 2 ago I was asked if I had one but mine got lost so they gave me a new one and all they say is Diabetes on the top. But I also carry around a "I AM WEARING AN INSULIN PUMP. IN AN EMERGENCY, PLEASE CONTACT" Than I have my doccter and his phone number and my mom and her cell phone number. Than it say that I have diabetes and what to do if I am low or high. But I am also under age.

I have a medical alert anklet! But similar to you I just changed doctors, and was diagnosed during college so mine simply says: Asthmatic, Diabetic and Insulin Dependent... then on the back I put my allergies.  My endo suggested putting insulin dependent but other than that I just kept it simple!

I'm like you I haven't woren a id bracelet in along time, but have recently decided to get one(ok a few girly ones). I was having the same problem as you, so my pump trainer suggested that I have Type 1 Diabetic(line 1) On Insulin Pump(line 2) See Wallet Card(line 3). The reason that she suggested that was because with dr's and meds changing as often as we do it would be better to carry the info on the card, and you can always update the info when ever you have to. So now when I do make changes I make about 6 new cards(and I just use cue cards you can get them cheap and they fit great in wallet or pockets) I give one to my BF, parents and I carry 2 and I give one to either a supervisior(or you can give it to your roommate at school or even a teacher).

On the cards I have all my medical info. my dr's name & contact info, emergency contact info, med info, basal & bolus info and allergy info as well. And I've found that this system works for me.

that's really smart! i will probably do that! thanks

On mine I have Type 1 Diabetes, the phone number and my member number for Medic Alert.  I'm not quite sure how Medic Alert works but I think they have basic information on each of their members and can instruct whoever's calling on what to do.  

I have "Type 1 Diabetic, Insulin Pump, Emergency Kit in Handbag" 

There are medical ID's and there is Medic Alert ID's that have a system that works 24/7 to provide information on you, your D, your health coverage, your emergency contact, drugs you take, and ask for little in return for the service. 

NO other medical ID will provide this service. 

The choice is up to you, but I will not use any other ID except a MedicAlert ID, which I have worn for 40 years with the message that says "Diabetes, Insulin Pump."

Mine just says "Type 1 Diabetes" and my name.

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Mine just says "Type 1 Diabetes" and my name.



Mine too

This is the front of my bracelet, and there is a silver heart charm on the other side.  :)  Engraved on the back  is

"Hayley Schreiter

Type 1 Diabetic 

Wears Insulin Pump

Allergic to Sulfa"



 I agree about MedicAlert. They have all your information, so if a paramedic ever calls with your ID # (which is engraved on your bracelet) they will have a bunch of information, MD, Meds, Emergency Contacts. My ID says Type 1 Diabetic Insulin Pump. I also carry a wallet card with more info and emergency contact info.

All my medical ID says is my name and that I'm diabetic on the front and on the back it says insulin dependent. I think it's a good idea to put a contact number for at least a parent, they can get your doctors information from them.

Hello to the list   =)

I definitely am of the opinion that everyone who has a chronic medical condition needs to have a medical identification tag of some sort.   My tag of choice are dog tags. 

Mine include my  Name, SSN, DOB, Blood Type,  My Parents Home Telephone Number,  and the words  " I Take Insulin ",  " Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus ".    

My tags have come in handy a few times when I have had to have D5W  pumped into me in the ambulance en route to the county hospital, while I was at University.   As the hospital wants to know your SSN, Name, and DOB to get paid.

Visit  Quick Return Tags at to order your set today!

Cheers from J . =)

I had the word, diabetic, tattooed on my left wrist on 05.01.2009

It has saved my life on more than one occasion.