Medic Alert bracelet privacy

Do you mind if people read your medic alert bracelet? I was in class a couple of days after diagnosis, wearing my bracelet, and someone started craning his neck to try to read it. If he had asked what it was for, I would have told him, but I felt like he was totally invading my privacy. I turned the bracelet upside down, so it was on the bottom of my wrist, and he looked away sheepishly. I wish he had just asked!

Do you mind if people read your medic alert bracelet?

I'm kind of split on this, and it's actually an interesting question, so serious Kudos, Ajax, for posting.

The first thing this reminds me of is last year in English class. I had my hand resting on the desk while I worked, and the boy next to me (an acquaintance, not even a friend - the most we'd ever talked was when I helped him with his poetry - which he can not write to save his life. Still. Although that's not the point...) was apparently possessed with an urge to discover what my bracelet said. Reaching over, (this was the strange part, him grabbing my bracelet) he turned it over so he could read what the underside said.

Completely emberassed I pulled my hand away, admitting that yes, it was for diabetes, after he pegged it based of his friend who also has the disease. Thankfully, he was super nice about it and made a sort of complimenary-redirecting-the-attention comment/joke about it, which I appreciated. But I was still annoyed for him to have physically grabbed it, especially when I neither comfortable nor uncomfortable telling him about it. I agree it's one thing if people ask what it says; usually I'm free and open to answering that question, I've done it a million times before. But telling him was and is my choice, which he ignored.

So yes, I do mind if they do so without my permission. It's my diabetes, it's my bracelet - and it's my call whether or not I tell someone.

i don't really care if people read it and if i notice them trying to, i just tell them i have type 1 diabetes and that's all it says on it..


i've had adults actually take my wrist in their hands to look at my bracelet tho...that's too far for me. unless i'm in the hospital and its a nurse or something double checking stuff, i don't approve of that.

Wow! I get questions about mine occasionally, but I've never had anyone GRAB it. I can understand why that would annoy you! Just wait if you ever decide to get pregnant ... every stranger in the grocery store wants to (1) rub your stomach and (2) comment how you look much larger than you should. But, back to the point, my bracelet is pretty tight, so someone would literally have to turn it over to see what it says.

Wow...I don't have a bracelet yet, but the last few days I've been looking at sites trying to figure out which one I want. I purposely am looking for one that has beads on or something specifically for this reason. I don't mind when people ask about my Diabetes, but I would imagine put in that situation where someone is invading my privacy, I would get quite upset.


I noticed you made a comment about being large during pregnancy. Do diabetics gain a lot of weight when they are pregnant?

I don't know about Batts, but as far as literally turning it over goes - he did. I'm talking reach over, grab for the bracelet, turn it over and start asking a million emberassing questions about it in front of the group we were working in - the most emberassing of all, 'What does it say, diabetes???', leading the brunt of it.


Ok there is this one girl in my bad class and she has been in it since 6th grade so for 3 years right. She saw my braclet and grabbed my wrist and read it out-loud and she was like "You have diabetes"? Hello I've been in her class for 3 years! 3 years people! I also had this teacher come up to me and grab my wrist and read it. The weird thing is it was a man teacher. It was kind of akward. lol.

Oh! It was the first day of... 8th grade I think? We got into groups, and had to tell 3 things about us. Now, believe it or not :P I'm a quiet person - I just happen to write quite a bit as well as often. But I wasn't "into" telling 3 things about me, really, so when the teacher started trying to prompt it out of me he asked what my bracelet said.

Panic!! I mumbled it wasn't important, which he heard as 'it's not mine.' But either way, I didn't care, just so long as the focus was off my bracelet and I. The last thing I wanted was my entire class knowing, for whatever reason, (shy?) I was diabetic on the very first day of school :P

somebody complimented me on it. they said it was pretty so i told them it was a medic alert bracelet and they were just like oh. plus, it ws from a person who is really mean to me.

I definitely think that if someone who you don't know very well comes over and grabs your bracelet trying to read it, they've gone too far!  This past summer at camp I was on the same waiter shift as a girl in my living space and she tried to read it, asking what it said, but I just told her it was a medic alert bracelet and that I have diabetes.  No one has ever grabbed it that I can remember, but I've had several questions regarding medical bracelets.

I don't wear my bracelet. (I know, bad Sarah, bad.) The only one I have is from when I was first diagnosed 8 years ago- an unattractive metal one, that only has "DIABETIC" engraved on the back, not even my name or "Type 1". I've been trying to find a nice-looking one to get, but my parents are very picky about what websites they order stuff from if they don't know anything about it (if it's legitimate). The only one I've come across that more than one person has recommended is Lauren's Hope, but those are pretty expensive. I like the purple heart necklace one on (it's attractive and inexpensive), but I've only seen one person suggest this site, which would make my parents leery. Anyone else know this site?

I've gotten completely off topic...but if I had a bracelet, I wouldn't mind if someone asked me about it, but if they actually grabbed my wrist to see it, I'd be upset.

[quote user="Alyssa"]Now, believe it or not :P I'm a quiet person - I just happen to write quite a bit as well as often.[/quote]

I'm the exact same way. I express myself so much better in writing. (= I am really quiet around people I don't know well, but around my friends I'm pretty talkative (still not extremely though). It's funny when I have a class with a teacher, and don't have any of my friends in the class, and then the next term I have a class with that same teacher but a bunch of my friends are in the class. I am so quiet and probably seem like a loner to the teacher when I don't have any friends in class, but then I talk a lot when I do have friends in the class. (=

see i have 3 interchangable medical ids (to match my moods :) ) and usually someone just complements it and i thank them and tell them what it is. but usually people don't notice cuz it looks like a regular bracelet. But if someone should grab my wrist i would probably smack their hand away. major invasion of my bubble.

I actually get compliments on my bracelet (a simple stainless steel one from (i think...I've had it for years).  Sometimes people ask where they can get one.  When I tell them it's a medic alert bracelet, they want to see it closer, and I'm very open about it. 

I am a VERY private person about some things.  My diabetes is not one of them, though.  I don't mind checking my BS or changing my pump and when I used to, I'd do injections in very public places without a second thought.  If I was more private about my diabetes, I would probably be quite offended and intimidated by people asking me about my bracelet.

Also, because I've always had a silvertone bracelet (or necklace) I've found that most of my other jewelry is silvertone as well (stainless steel, sterling silver, white platinum yet).  I never liked "mixing my metals" with the jewelry I wear.  I have noticed that mixing metals is now "in"  so maybe I'll get over it.  Or...I could always invest in a gold bracelet!  lol...Christmas is coming!

If people ask what it is I sometimes get embarrassed, not sure why but I do. However, I have serious issues at times with people invading the bubble of space that I think of my own. If  someone were to reach in and grab my bracelet I would be very irritated and probably say something not to polite. There is nothing good about invading space and frankly if someone did that and tried to joke about it, depending on my mood I might lay into them politely of course.

I have a necklace. It is silver and  round, a little bigger than a quarter, one side is blank and the other side reads: I take Insulin for diabetes. When it is turned around properly I have seen people look at it, and I don't care. When it is not turned around right no one can tell what it is. I am very open about my diabetes and don't care who knows about it. Someone would probably spot my pump before my necklace.

To Alyssa -  I would be a little annoyed by someone invading my space like that too.

I used to wear medic alerts, but don't anymore. I can't remember anyone ever grabbing it to look at it, but people would ask me what it said. A few told me it was pretty (I had the decorative ones). For the most part, everyone knew I had diabetes anyway. Mine said more than diabetes because I have a few other things. I guess I don't care who knows anymore. When I was younger I would hide it out of embarrassment or fear of being treated differently, but now I don't think it's a big deal.

I think if someone grabbed at it, I would have been highly annoyed. No touchy my stuff.

[quote user="Kim"]


I noticed you made a comment about being large during pregnancy. Do diabetics gain a lot of weight when they are pregnant?


If your control is not good, the baby can be too large and you can have too much amniotic fluid. But, with modern care, most T1 women no longer have this problem. While I was pregnant, both the baby and I gained the correct amount! But, I think that's why I felt very sensitive to people saying, "wow, you're huge for only xx months!!" Because I wasn't and I knew it was b/c of all my hard work, so I felt very defensive, kwim?

i dont mind if anyone asks me about my bracelet but i dont think anyone has ever been interested in my bracelet...or has at least mention it to me. but whats sad is that i've had the same bracelet since i was diagnosed, 14 years ago...its silver and its says IDDM emergency # and then a phone number to my first diabetes doctor's office that i havent been to in 10 years...i got it from james avery so it kinda looks like jewelry (maybe thats what nobody really paid attention to it...ive had it so long even i dont pay attention to it lol)...but my bracelet isnt cheap so i've been procrastinating on getting a new one with an updated mom says if something happens to me and someone call the number on my bracelet they're gonna get a "sorry the number you tried to reach is no longer in service" message LOL