Medic alert bracelets

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Does anyone have any cool websites they can share?  In the past we've ordered from Beaded Daisy.  Very pretty jeweled id bracelets - my daughter loves them!  They are expensive though, and now we've had 2 break on us (no fault of the company, just hard wear and tear from my daughter).  I just ordered from cool med id, really cheap wrist bands that simply say "type 1 diabetic".  They'll be okay but I know my daughter would like something a bit "prettier".  So.. can anyone recommend an online company that I can order from?



Hey! I've always worn good old Medic Alert ones, but a lot of people on here recommend Lauren's Hope. If you do a search (top right) on Juvenation, 3 or 4 different past threads re: this question come up. There are lots of other suggestions based on what she's looking for...

Thanks!  I've never used the search button.. I'm a newbie :-)  I appreciate the guidance.. :-)

I really like Lauren's Hope

I'm a Lauren's Hope fan as well.  And they have some really cute ones for kids!

Is it recommended that all type I's wear one of these?  I used to wear a medicalert when i was younger and on shots.  I stopped wearing it a while ago though, because I figured the insulin pump would be a good give away of my condition...

it sounds logical..but I have had medical professionals ask what my pump was!?!?!? Cover yourself with a medical alert id..better to be safe.

We got my daughter's bracelet at Lauren's Hope and she loves it!  It was expensive too but so far so good...


This site has some really cute medical jewelry for kids and adults. I have to order the kid's stuff because my wrists are so small!

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it sounds logical..but I have had medical professionals ask what my pump was!?!?!? Cover yourself with a medical alert id..better to be safe.



Wow, really??  You know, things like this make me wonder how some doctors got through med school...  I mean I think that type I diabetes is common enough to warrant an MD to know what an insulin pump is!

This is my medical alert bracelet. It's really pretty, and does not look like your average bracelet at all.

An aunt with T1 made my daughter's day when she was diagnosed and showed up at the house with a medical alert bracelet and 10 beaded bands to change out.  She bought the $7.00 medical ID bracelet and cut the chain off.  She spent about $8.00 on wire, lobster clasps and beads.  They look just like the ones on Lauren's Hope website.  She showed us how to do it and what you needed and now both of my daughters (12 & 9) are now making them.  It's something fun for them to do and my T1 daughter and her T1 friend have all kinds of funky medical alert bracelets to wear.  I've also ordered from when we needed one to wear during sports.  They are reasonable.

For dudes, you can make good low-key bracelts at

I highly recommend It's more than just jewelry, they have keychains, shoetags and stickers. My hubby is a type 1 and we have a baseball club with many kids with many things so I am always on the lookout for whatever i can find that they will actually use!!

i thought the same thing until my doctor told me some people wear them for pain or other medications. 

As a 40 year T1D who has always worn a "Medic Alert" necklace that cannot be removed I am truly astounded that anyone with T1D would think of wearing medical info jewelry that could not provide information about your D, your MD, your contact info, your medical contact, your insurance, your drugs taken and other specific medical info. 

If I am unconscious I want a first responder or the ER to be able to find out my medical condition and the drugs taken and an emergency contact. 

The MedicAlert system is the only one I know of that can provide all if this 24/7 with one phone # accessible throughout the world. 

Help me understand why any T1D would only want a first responder to know that you have D, use a pump or shots, and maybe an emergency phone number that could be busy when called?

Well, as I said before, I had the word "DIABETIC" tattooed on my left wrist, which has saved my life a couple of times since 2009.


Before the tattoo, I have had  SLOO of bracelets that have broken, been stolen or have gotten lost.

My favorite bracelet was by Rachel's Cure By Design - the only problem is that they are expensive, and it tarnished in the shower. I don't recommend getting jazzy bracelets, because they can be confused with "just a regular old piece of costume jewelry" and the paramedic might not even check it.


I hated the dog tag bracelets and necklaces ( because I prefer to be fashionable ), but I did my own surveys - dog tags get more attention that itsy bitsy pretty little bracelets. Plus, they cost less.

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