Medicaid Plans Ohio, Best Option for Omnipod User

I recently lost my job and am trying to navigate through insurance options. We applied for Medicaid, there are 5 plans available and I am looking for input as to which is the best option for an Omnipod User. I looked at each of the 5 formulary plans and it appears that Molina may be our best option. Interested in getting insight from others who have been in a similar position to determine if this is the best route. Thank you in advance for any guidance!

@cherylhennessy hello and welcome to TypeOneNation and our forum. I hope you get the feedback you are looking for.

I’m not in Ohio but was discussing insurance with my endo’s office a while back and they gave me some insight into some of the insurance options. I guess between going to bat to override a company’s formulary on a patient’s behalf, and billing for balances, they had some knowledge about which ones provided better coverage for some of the technology.

Hi. I’m sorry about your current difficult times. I’m in Ohio, but have no experience with Medicaid. If you use FaceBook, I suggest you search for an Omnipod users group and re-post your question there. Best wishes!