Medical alert ID rules?

Does anyone know if there are any rules or laws concerning the wearing of medical id tags? My daughter was told she had to remove hers for a game. I can't find anything about it anywhere. She was told she can't even wear a dog tag style under her shirt. I don't like the idea of her taking it off. 

She's not EVER supposed to take it off.  I don't know what they're talking about - game or no game; it stays on.  Ask them this: what if something happened to her during a game and she had to be rushed to a hospital?  That information HAS to be on her at all times.  Stand your ground, Terry!!  ;o)

I was thinking about this and thought of something she might be able to do in lieu of her bracelet:

SafetyTat makes temporary tattoos - you can customize one as a medic alert tattoo with her info on it and use those for her games instead of the bracelet.  Then, everybody's happy.  ;o)  Change the message, border, background, put the medical alert + sign on it and everything.  I have them for my son as a "just in case" kind of thing.   Make it look something like this:

The temporary tattoo is cool idea.

The latest is that the athletic department says she can tape an ID to her skin inside of her shirt.

The only time I've ever been ordered to take mine off is for surgery. I think it's in case they have to shock you, they don't want any metal. I would take it up with whoever is in charge. Especially during sports, things can happen and the info is important.


So, then the temp tattoo thing might work best.  I'd rather see her have it on her wrist/arm where you KNOW a medic is going to look than have it inside clothing where they might miss it.  You know?