Medical alert ID

So, does everyone wear some kind of medical alert ID (bracelet, necklace,etc.)?

My son has one on his backpack at college and has it written on his license, but other than that is not wearing anything. Any thoughts?



I need to get one. I work out at the gym a lot.. and need something on me incase I pass out and fly off a treadmill.

Anyone know of a stylish bracelet that is also comfortable during exercise.   i have two really stylish bracelets from there they are really cute.

from talking to some friends who are EMT's and Paramedics they told me that if you have an illness where if you are unconcious the medics will not look anywhere, but your wrist or neck because it is too big of a hassle to look through a purse or wallet. that is the last thing they do. their job is to treat right then and there. if your son doesn't wear a medic alert necklace or bracelet he is at risk for prolonging the symptoms.

I agree with Melissa, I am an EMT and my boyfriend is a Paramedic--- we stress to people that we would rather much see something on neck or wrist because I nor my partner have the time to search your pocket or purse- not until sugars are up and things are settled...----I still wear a braclet and its is the safest bet...

ps: think about it this way---if your son was in a car accident and unconcsious-- it is much easier for me to access his neck or wrist- rather then his back pocket for his wallet.

pss: we also don't use the ICE contacts (In case of emergency) in the phone...its useful for the cops- generally not for the medics- again its time consuming.

I try to wear a bracelet as well.  I got mine from:


However the clip on mine broke so I'll need to be getting a new one.  But everyone that I have talked to, doctor included, has reccommended wearing a necklace or bracelet.

I used to never wear any type of Medical ID, but decided to after realizing "what happens if something happens to me while I'm out or at school?" and "How will they know I'm diabetic?". So now I always wear one. Well its actually also kind of stuck on my wrist. It has one of those complicated connections and I can't get it undone to take it off even if I wanted to. Though I have thought about a more permanent medical alert bracelet.

Khaos has tons of medic alert bracelets and necklaces for girls and guys. They can be a little pricey but I've worn mine nonstop for over two years now.

I've always heard that if you have a wallet card that you should still have a bracelet or necklace with at the very least your name and "Type 1 Diabetes" engraved on it. One option is to have your alert jewelry say, "see wallet card" and then have your emergency contact info spelled out on your card. I've also heard that the very best place for medic alert jewelry is your wrist since the first thing paramedics do is check a pulse.

I've heard of people getting medic alert tatoos on their wrists. That's a little extreme for me though. Plus what do you do when you still have it after the cure! :)  

i got mine from i think they're pretty discreet; a few people have gotten it confused with a watch. it's basically a container. you fold a paper (i think it comes with 4 or 5 papers) where you put your name, emergency contact info, doctor, and condition and you fold it up and it fits neatly. i've gotten it a little wet (but not soaked) and the paper is still dry.


edit: i got the one with the medical id picture. i think those would be better than the ones that simply say "id"

I HATE wearing an ID, because more then anything else, I hate wearing jewelery, specially metal because I'm very sensitive. However, I got my id from and can stand wearing it! It feels almost like nothing is there and can hold up to how ruff I am on my arms. I feel quite a bit more at ease now having it on me at all times.

Good luck

I got a Tiffany's bracelet engraved with my Diabetes information because I didn't like all the traditional medical alerts. This might be good for your son. (You obviously don't need to get it from Tiffanys)

I have worn the same MedicAlert bracelet since I was first diagnosed in fourth grade.  Once you have it on, you get used to it and never even feel or notice it (except on the rare occasion I take it off it feels very weird)-you can probably find simple silver ones that aren't very noticeable or more fashionable ones if that is what you want, but trust me it is worth it to have it on and keep it on at all times.

I ordered a medic alert tag that says i'm diabetic, but I mad a bracelet around it to make it more me. It's so much better to have someone know than to risk your life if they don't.

I'd have to agree with everyone in that it's best to have a medical alert ID on your wrist or necklace, and to leave it on at all times. At first, it may be a little annoying having that constant reminder on your wrist, but trust me, it's worth it and you really do get used to it.

I'd also just like to add (not necessarily for your son, but for everyone) that when purchasing a medical alert ID, try to keep in mind that it needs to be something that a paramedic can easily identify as a medical alert. I know several people who have adorable medical alert bracelets, but unless you pay extremely close attention, you wouldn't notice that that's exactly what they are....they simply look like really cute beaded bracelets. You can have something that is more "you" because there are many choices out there, but also try to keep it somewhat simple for your own safety.

it would be alot safer for him to have one on him because if he passes out while out with some friends and doesn't have his back pack or liscense on him for some reason then he might be screwed so just for his protection he should wear one i hate wearing mine but its what i have to do


I got a necklace when I first got dianoised, but it faded and got on my nerves. But I recently just got one over the summer because you should have one just incase any happens. Plus, it makes my mom feel a lot better. So, I would say get one.


What should we have written on our ids? Mine just says diabetes on the back, as that was what my doctor told me i needed. But a lot of people have told me to put type 1 or insulin dependent on there too. And people have their name on it and stuff. Is just saying diabetes enough?

[quote user="Audra"]

What should we have written on our ids? Mine just says diabetes on the back, as that was what my doctor told me i needed. But a lot of people have told me to put type 1 or insulin dependent on there too. And people have their name on it and stuff. Is just saying diabetes enough?


Mine has my name, diabetes and on the inside it says insulin dependent.

I definitely recommend wearing ID.  I wear an ID like the livestrong bracelets, because I can't stand the metal ones...those are cheap (online) and very comfortable.  Also, I have friends with ID tattoos, which are also very cool.

Thanks, everyone,for all of your input on my question. Since posting, I have gotten him two kinds of made of nylon, like backpack strap material and I just ordered one of those livestrong type bracelets from a different company. He was not happy with the nylon type, as the metal ID part made it unbendable/unflexible- hence the second order! He's still not convinced, but hopefully this livestrong type will fit his bill better...he still thinks info in his wallet is enough. I'm printing out all of your responses so we can 'discuss' this better! Thanks tons!!!!!!!