Medical Alert Jewelry

Anybody know if there is medical alert jewelry a little more discreet than the typical silver plate and medical sign? I hate getting asked about that by people. Are there even any out there?


Yes there are! At my hospital's gift shop they are 'special' medical bracelets where they are like nice beads, etc with the medical alert tag still on it. It's much nicer and looks like a real bracelet as opposed to a medical one! This is one of my favorite websites for medical bracelets, I've ordered a few from here before.... I hope this helps!

Lauren's hope is awesome! I have a really cute medical bracelet from them and I've gotten a lot of comments about how pretty it is. Definitely better than the typical silver plated ones.

My son didn't like the bracelet either so I found a place online that will make those rubber bracelets (like the yellow one for Live Strong) in any color you want and will put whatever you want on it!

I love them. I bought several. They are very inexpensive AND he wears them!

I like these and they are still noticable enough that a EMT would pay attention!

I had a bracelet from Lauren'e Hope, but it broke at a horse show and I never found it. I now have a copper cuff bracelet from Zales. I ordered it online and it was cheaper than my Lauren's hope bracelet.

i have a bracelet from medic alert. its really nice but it was 75 dollars. they had a sale giong on when i got it thiugh. it doesnt look like one. it has a nice looking and thin chain with the tag on it that is sparkly. the metal it was made of is much nicer than the other bracelets. I was getting lots of complements on it. i actually had to tell them what it was for. plus you can get it adjusted for 5 $ per inch if needed after you order it.

Hopefully it isn't so pretty that a medical professional would not bother to consider it as a Medic Alert bracelet in the event of a medical emergency.

That's what I'm always worried about! Thus, so far I've stuck with the pretty traditional, yet chunky and clunky silver or gold medical alert bracelets. Definately time for a change... but not to subtle of one :) Still gotta have it stand out to the medics!

A friend of mine has a different condition, but she always wears a dog tag-like nacklace instead.

I have this bracelet.

They have the same bracelet with a smaller plate too. It's not tiny, but it's actually quite pretty and people don't take notice of it much. So far, the only people I've had notice it have been nurses, which is probably a good thing!

Oh, wow, Keely, I love that bracelet!

I took the medic alert part of one of my old bracelets and i bead lots of other chains and stuff so i can kind of match them to my outfits.  it's alot more fun that way.

[quote user="Tammee"]Hopefully it isn't so pretty that a medical professional would not bother to consider it as a Medic Alert bracelet in the event of a medical emergency[/quote]

 it has the medical alert symbol on it and the same info as the other ones. its like the other ones shape-wise but looks way nicer.

[quote user="Keely"]

I have this bracelet.



thats the website that i got my nice looking one from.

hi alyssa,

well this is not exactly a medical alert bracelet. But to let you know in case you are interested (and anyone else reading this), there is a nick jonas dog tag for diabetics and non-diabetics. it has 'a little bit longer...and i'll be fine' on it (the words to his song written about diabetes). If you are a fan you might like to get one! here is the link:

also for my actual medic alert bracelet, I got it at laurenshope like a lot of other people have already said. I also made one out of shells and bought a tag for it.


You guys luck out. It is normally harder for a guy to wander around with a bracelet on nowadays. Or maybe in my mind at least. I tend to stick to the under the shirt alert, but I so need to update it and have yet to find anything I consider to be nice. I find some of the MA ones to be a bit tacky. Again, it is just me. However, one of these days I may have to just settle.

I just got two new emblems from MedicAlert. The small steel bracelet (very small and discreet) and the dog tag. Very discrete.

This is probably more for a guy but I ddin't want to get a traditional utilitarian medical alert bracelet. This is more like jewlery and i can wear gold or silver with it (but I primarily wear silver). I get tons of compliments on it, most people don't even realize it's a medic alert (which might end up proving disadvantageous).


I really want to get some leather bands too, like the chunky wide bands sold at like AE and such.


I'm currently in the process of having a Tiffany's bracelet custom-engraved. It's going to be very pricey, but like you, I didn't want something that was blatantly obvious and I wanted one that I liked and would actually wear. I didn't like any of the styles I found on internet searches, so I went to Tiffany's and asked about having the medical alert symbol and "insulin dependent diabetic" on either side of a heart charm on a bracelet. They said they'd do it, but it's more $$$$ than I should be spending! Ah well, I reckon if it saves my life one day it will be a worthwhile purchase :)