Medical Alert Tatoo

I am 13 and T1D and go low often.  I want a medical alert tatoo.  Does anyone have one on this site?

I do not but a friend of mine does. If I can find the pic, I will post for you.

Well. I wasn't able to post it here but its on my profile under files. She had it put on her right wrist. Hope this helps you with you decision.

If you do a search, there are several threads already started about alert tattoos, complete with pictures. you are 13 and still have 5 years before you can legally get at tattoo. think long and hard about a tattoo before you get one and make sure it's something you don't mind living with because they aren't reversible. i have 2 tattoos (neither diabetes related) and had 4 years in between each. i picked a design and then sat on it for a year to make sure it was something i really, REALLY wanted. you can also google "diabetes alert tattoos" as i know there are several websites dedicated to this.

Hey there,

I've thought about getting a medic alert tattoo myself. However I spoke to a few paramedics at the hospital and they said from their standpoint they aren't looking for a tattoo on a person, that they only look for necklaces and bracelets for the medic alert information. They told me to stick to the bracelets or necklaces, however that was their opinion and this is in Toronto, Canada (where I'm from).

It is your own choice of whether or not you want to, like a few people have said, think long about it :)

Now I sort of want to get a tattoo of a diabetes ribbon with my date of my diagnosis instead. I wear a medic alert bracelet all the time though.

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