Medical Alert Tatoo

So I'm 17 years old, and I REALLY want a tatoo about my diabetes. I really want "Diabetic" small on my foot, but then I thought about putting it as a medical alert on my wrist. Then it will always be there if there would be any kind of accident. Does anybody have one? Any opinions on this? I'm also trying to talk my mom and dad into it, so please help me!! : )

I want one of these too! It's a legit tattoo, not something to get and hate a little while later.

Speaking of tattoos, has anyone heard of the "tattoo" that can detect changes in blood sugar?

those both sound cool!!!!

They make them that detect your blood sugar rising and falling?? That is beyond crazy!! WOW!

I've been thinking about getting a similar tattoo too.  I haven't gotten around to contacting a hospital to find out if EMT crews would respond to the tattoo just like a medi alert though.  If you got a positive answer on this question, I would think that would be the single best piece of information you could have to convince your parents.  Also, if you're already 17, unless laws are different where you live, once you hit 18 no one can really stop you from getting it anyway.  From what I know about tattoo removal, it is expensive and not neccessarily effective, so tattoos are a pretty permanent body modification.

I just turned 17 not even a month ago, so I would have to wait a year if I didn't have my parents permission. :( That would be beyond amazing if a tatoo could tell you which way your blood sugar was going though! Who would know the answer to that??

I think the ink is still in the testing stage, but do an internet search for "tattoo blood glucose monitor", several results show up.  You could go so far as to look up any research articles on the topic if you have access to a database, or you could email researchers listed in the search results for more information.

Okay thank you! I think I'm gonna look into that a little.

Has anybody seen someone (or do you have one) that is a medical alert on their wrist? Like th symbol and something about "diabetic" on it?  I really want one on my foot but I think if I got it on my wrist then it would be more beneficial if I was in an accident or somthing would happen. Any thoughts on this??

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Okay thank you! I think I'm gonna look into that a little.

Has anybody seen someone (or do you have one) that is a medical alert on their wrist? Like th symbol and something about "diabetic" on it?  I really want one on my foot but I think if I got it on my wrist then it would be more beneficial if I was in an accident or somthing would happen. Any thoughts on this??


While I'm there with you on wanting a tattoo about diabetes...a medic alert bracelet on your wrist would not be a good idea. As someone with three tattoos, and many friends who have's best to get a tattoo where you won't see it all the time. You're less likely to get sick of it, or regret it. I've been thinking about getting a diabetic tattoo, but I'm waiting til I know for sure what I want can't undo your tattoos like with peircings.

As well, medics are not trained to recognize a tattoo as identification as a diabetic. You'd still have to wear a bracelet, anklet or necklace alert pendant.

I think the best thing you can do it really -think- about what you want for a tattoo, go to a tattoo artist for a consultation appointment(usually you just pay a deposit towards your actual tattoo appointment) and talk to them about what you are thinking. They will talk to you, get to know you and then give you their opinion on what they think would look good, make you happy, and will look good when you are older. I'm not sure what it's like in your location, but I have many artist friends(some of which are trying to get trained as tattoo artists) who design tattoos for themselves and friends(for a small fee), that could be an alternative way.

Then when you decide to actually get the tattoo once you're of age, you have a design that you've sat on for a year or so.

I speak from experience, that it is the best way to go. I have three tattoos. I got my Bat on my lower back for my 18th birthday. It's the only tattoo out of the three, that I thought about for longer than a day. It's also my favourite tattoo because of that and because I don't see it all the time. My mom tattoo on my ankle, and my bat on my foot...were both spur of the moment tattoos, and I see them all the time..while I do like them now, I really wish I hadn't gotten either of them(trying to figure out how to cover up the bat without it looking like crap..not so easy when it's on the top of your foot) or at least gotten them somewhere else where I wouldn't see them.


wow! Thanks! That gives me lots to think about! Did your doctor say anything negative about it, or does it not affect your diabetes? It sucks because we have to be so much more careful about almost everything we do beause of our disease. I just wanted to know if there was any more risks than people with out diabetes?

personally..i have only had a problem with healing once. my bat tattoo on my back, for some reason my skin didn't like it and i broke out in tiny pimples that i had to take pencillin was pretty gross and i broke out within days of getting my tattoo done. the other two healed fine and not any longer than normal.

what you need to do to make sure you don't have problems, is keep a close eye on your blood sugar before and after getting the tattoo done, follow the tattoo artists instructions on how to take care of it while it's healing, and keep an eye on it. if you break out in a rash or anything(sometimes you can be allergic to the type of ink they use, or just one of the friend's dad is allergic to the red ink and would break out after getting a tattoo with even a small amount of red ink - even if it was mixed with white to make it a lighter red). if you notice something that isn't normal, go to the doctor. even if it's nothing, it's better to do that then sit and wait til it gets really bad.

i don't know if any of my doctors are even aware of my tattoos. i have had no reason to tell them, as it doesn't effect my levels. i went to the a clinic doctor for my pencillin prescription and i think a copy of the report went to my family doc, but i don't remember every straight up saying "i got a tattoo".

if you're levels are all over the place, i would probably talk to them first..but i didn't have the best control when i was 18, as i hadn't switched insulins yet, and i still got one with no real trouble.

i find the only thing that takes longer to heal than other people is peircings..but i also don't clean them as often as you are suppose to and expose them to being falling face(double eyebrow) first into a brick wall while drunk...

oh! also, what you use to heal the tattoo is important as well. i used "after ink" which is a 100% vegan cream for tattoos. it worked amazingly and helped my tattoo heal early! it also makes your older tattoos less faded as well which is pretty cool. i would recommend using that when you do get a tattoo. it's not too expensive and depending on the size of your tattoo, lasts a long time. you only need a drop of it really..i still have most of the small bottle left after using it on my foot, and putting it on my two other tattoos(which is a lot of skin to cover).

Batts is right, definitely take time to be sure you want the tattoo, my personal waiting period is also around a year.

I've sat through about 20 hours of tattooing and have never had any complications.  Finding a good place and good artist (professional, clean) is probably the most important thing.  My control is far from perfect and I haven't noticed BG levels influencing the healing process.

Concerning visible tattoos, that is really a personal decision.  I know people with and without regrets.  I plan on becoming a full body tattoo by the time I'm "done".  The only professional advice I have been given is that I may want to hold off on anything more "extreme" until I have established a reputation in my field.

Thanks for everybody's opinions and advice! It really gives me a lot to think about! :)

i've heard from paramedics that even if someone has a diabetic tattoo, they won't take it seriously... that you need the actual tag or bracelet. So you may want to look into that. I believe it depends who responds to a paramedic call and what state you live in.


I have a tattoo all ready drawn out, but have yet to decide if i really want it and where I want to put it.

Shelby, if you really do want to and end up doing this, I would totally do this with you!

Shelby, if you really do want to and end up doing this, I would totally do this with you!

OMG! You would get one with me??? Cause I'm trying to talk my mom into it and maybe she would say yes if I said you were doing it too!! :) lol

I don't mean to be a downer or anything..but wait til you're of age. Most of the good, clean professional shops will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 even with parent's permission. There's a reason you have to legally be an adult before you can get tattooed. It's not a peircing, you can't just take it out if something goes wrong. Any place that will tattoo with your parent's not a place you want to be getting your tattoo done.

Yea I agree with melissa if you have a tattoo thats one thing but, they have to be able to call your doctor etc.. which is the whole point of the bracelet it has all that information on the number with your ID