Medical alert tattoo

sooooo i'm really wanting to get one of those medical alert tattoos and my parents are allowing me to get one since it has to do with that, butttt i want it on my wrist of course the only thing that is concerning all of us is getting a job with a tattoo as visible as that. any ideas of anywhere else to get it? 

From talking with friends who are EMT's and paramedics, they are trained to look at wrists and necks for bracelets and necklaces respectively.  I've seen people get them further up on their forearm, or upper arm, or on their legs, usually the calf area, but I'd be nervous having one there since it may go unnoticed.  If you Google "medic alert tattoo" you'll see a variety of pictures of people with them.  That may also help you to get an idea of where people get them.

I'm actually going this weekend to get a medic alert tattoo on my wrist.  My current employer doesn't have a problem with visible tattoos.  And, if I choose to go to a new place of employment, my argument will be that it's for my own safety in case of an emergency.  

[View:]Mine is on my inside right forearm. Where they look to put an IV and  long sleeves cover it.

Got mine yesterday :-)

I have one also, on my wrist. I don't imagine jobs would have a hard time with it, considering it's for a medical purpose.....and if it is THAT big of a deal where you would be working, and they can't understand the meaning behind it, I wouldn't want to work in a place like that (but that's just my opinion) :P

get it on te back side of ur rwriste an wear bracletes to work.. easy too hide


Medical tattoos are a great idea! I've had mine for a while now. I'm a RN and work with children and have gotten nothing but positve feedback from it. It's one of many tattoos that I have, but the only one that could save my life. I would just suggest if you get one, make sure it looks like a medical alert, so EMTs don't think it's just a tattoo. Mine looks just like what would be on a necklace and says type 1, insulin dependent.

I have a job that would fire someone for a visible tattoo, but when i explained, at my hire, that it is a permanent medic alert bracelet replacement, they were super cool with it......they don't allow jewelry either, so they kinda have to make "reasonable accomodations" for "your condition".

crazycat, your tat is beautiful....... I got mine a few years ago and hadn't heard about anyone with a MA tat.  It just says IDDM . I am thinking about putting "T1 Diabetic" above the current tat. Most people ask me if I'm an ambulance driver when they see it. lol!!!

I don't know how I feel about using tattoos in place of medic alert bracelets and such. However, I do have a diabetes tattoo on the back of my thigh which is obviously not in a place a paramedic would look for such a thing. I got it because diabetes is a huge part of my life and my tattoos really mean a lot to me. I also was concerned with getting a job with a visible tattoo which is another reason for my reservations of getting it on my wrist.

craztcat, your tattoo is beautiful, I love it!

My picture is actually a picture of my tattoo.

I'm confused is this onto for saving your life when you are unconscious?

In a tattoo, how can you put "diabetes" with

Dr Name

Type of D

Emergency contact info

Drugs taken

Type of insulin

Ins Company

other medical devices worn

and other medical current info

in the tattoo.

The "MedicAlert" brand of ID worn as a bracelet or necklace can provide this info with on call to any medical responder 24/7.

I prefer to improve my odds of survival with the MedicAlert ID.

I have had it used once  in 1 years, and it saved my life.

i had too much information that i needed to supply -- so i just got a traditional diabetic bracelet. i put the more personal information on the back (crohn's disease, contact information, etc.)

I am getting my tattoo next week, on my wrist. From sjwprod's post I get that not all that info is on the tattoo, but to tell you the truth I always loose my MA bracelet and I carry all those emergency cards in my wallet and such. A tattoo may not have my doctors number on it, but if it says type 1 diabetic and I am passed out, I think it would give a EMT or whoever is attending to me n idea of *why* I may be passed out to ultimately help me out quickly. Besides I don't think the first thing they do it check your bracelet and call your doctor, they start working on reviving you if your passed out or helping you if you have complications.

Personally I want the tattoo because T1 is a part of who I am. You can't see it unless you see my pump and actually know that my pump is a insulin pump and not a beeper (trust me I am tired of *that* line!) I am not ashamed or feel the need to hide it, and what better way to show it then display art on my body? 

In the end it's a personal preference, but I thought I would explain my reasoning.

I plan on getting a T1 tatt on my left wrist also. If any would be employer has a problem with that, then I probably would not want to work for them anyway.

What will you all do, when Diabetes is cured LOL

While I do wish to see a cure in my lifetime I am not getting my hopes up. People are working on lots of cures right now, so who knows what will be the first one found.... The person who may discover the cure may not even be born yet...

And if one is found, T1 will always be a part of my life that I struggle(d) with... I will never regret my tattoo... (which i got yesterday!)

Good for you Courtney. I do feel the same way. My comment was only ment to bring a chuckle. I have been waiting a long time for a cure myself, and have little faith that a cure is close. Tattoos have become a very popular means of people to express them selves. I am a creature of some old habits, and have been wearing the same medic alert necklace for over 30 years. Can't seem to think of not needing it. I would like to think, that if I am ever in an EMT situation, my pump, cgm or infussion site would give a clue to the EMT.

No disrespect intended. Congrats on your new tattoo!!


I also think that my pump would hopefully be a clue but I have had enough people seriously ask me if it was a beeper that I question if people would really know what was going on if I passed out or something. LOL. I'm sure an EMT would figure it out but a bystander may not.... 


Here's how it turned out (still healing though!)


[quote user="Jdole"]

What will you all do, when Diabetes is cured LOL


My mom asked the same question after she saw that I got a diabetes tattoo. My tattoo has the date I was diagnosed and I told her that when I get cured I will put that date underneath. Problem solved :)

I like that idea