Medical Alerts

Hello ~

My daughter, Jordan, has already worn out the engraving on her 1st of 2 medical bracelet, in just a few months. I believe it is because the engraving was against her skin and the sweat and chlorine have worn it to be unreadable. Has anyone found any alerts that have adequate space for information and is durable?


i have a necklace and it has lasted over a yr and i wear it all the time, never take it off, the writing is kinda small but its held up for me

My bracelet is from American Medical ID, in sterling silver. What is your daughter's bracelet made of? It might be worth it to spend the extra money to get a more durable bracelet that'll last longer.

mine is sterling silver as well

I wear a neckless and it has a waranty on it for 15 years. So you can always get a free one when it lose's it's color. and ec=t

wow thats a good deal

I had a gold one but lost it then got a sterling silver one. :)

Hannah ~ That is a good deal. Where did you get such a deal?

Ashley ~ You are probably right! Jordan's bracelet is not made of a hard medal. And probably should be. Live and learn.

Billy ~ is your necklace a short chain or sometimes falls under your shirts?

Umm I will have to ask my  dad. But mines also long so I can stick it under neath my jersey..

mine is a pretty long chain, i keep it under my shirt most of the time

I have a sterling silver one but it has a lot of scratches on the front, though I think it's still legible.  When I was little, I used the traditional stainless steel ones and those didn't become scratched, or at least not as much as my current sterling silver one.  I would recommend stainless steel. 

I don't know if it is true, but along time ago, when I was first diagnosed I was told t-1's were more likely to sweat something that was more caustic than the general population and that the sweat was distructive to sterling silver.  I have always got my tags from Medic Alert out of Turlock, CA.  They keep a data base that includes your doctors names and phone numbers.  If someone calls their number any time of day they will give you emergency contact info.  This was great in the good old days but with cell phone technology, I believe they are not as popular as they once were.  They have very durable stainless steal tags and sterling silver too.  They offer a lot of choices and they are online.

i have a sterling silver bracelet that has lasted me a year. I never take it off and the writing is still the same as it was when i got it. Its definately worth the extra bit of money