Medical Bracelets

I've been Diabetic for about 5 years now and I still don't have a medical bracelet. Are there any sites you guys recommend for ordering one? I heard about bracelets that are like the LIVE STRONG bracelets, but I'm not sure if those are enough awareness for a paramedic since there are so many different types of those.

I got the chocolate knot rubber one and am absoultely loving it! I can barely tell that I'm wearing it, and I wear it so the knot is facing up and the medical id is down so to the casual passerby it  just looks like a normal bracelet.

I had considered a braclet once. But contrary to what my avatar image portrays I'm somewhat averse to body jewelry.  Considered getting a tatoo in the wrist area reading D. Mellitus, that way I wouldn't have to remember to put it on.  But then I figured that a young paramedic would look at it and say. "Cool, D. Mellitus I think went I went to one of their rap concerts back in college..."


I personally like  There are quite a few choices and you can personalize them how you like. :)

I got mine from i love it!! Mines is silver with intertwined hearts and then has the medical id tag...They're really nice!!!! I definately recommend them!

Good luck with your bracelet search!!! =)

i have always gotten mine from Medical Alert canada...I'm sure there is a USA version. I'd just go to a pharamcy or call them and ask where you can get one and they will have an answer :)


I personally don't believe in those medical alert tattoos or the fancy, over the top don't-look-like-medical-ID-bracelets. Medical Alert has a lot of options for women, but keep the generic Medical Alert symbol on the front which i like.

I get my braclets from here ----->

I have a few. I have a silver one and a few sport band ones. I like them because you can get quite a bit engraved on them. I have my name, that I have asthma, that I have diabetes, that I'm allergic to latex, and three phone numbers.

I bought my sons at

Comfortable material,velcro closure, lots of room for info and quite a few color choices.

I have a medical dog tag saying that I'm a diabetic...I never wear it though. I might have to just in case for when I go to London on Saturday in case something happens. If you don't feel like wearing the bracelet you can always go with a dog tag...

Those can be found on the StickyJ site that was posted earlier as well.

Thanks so much guys! The search continues!!! I want to look for one that is stylish, yet if you look at it for more than 2 seconds, you know that it is an id bracelet. I don't want someone to overlook it!

Pat, travel safe to London! I've never really been out of the US (unless you count Cancun) But London is one of the places I have always wanted to travel! That gives me another idea for a post... travelling/diabetes!

As far as traveling and diabetes go, just make sure you pack enough of supplies (test strips, insulin, etc.). I'm anxiously awaiting Animas to deliver my pump supplies as I do not have enough to last for 2 weeks in London, or if I do, just barely enough...I ordered them early last week so they should be here by now.

I've never had any trouble traveling with my supplies or anything. I thought for sure that they'd get me for all of the pump least at Heathrow but no, nothing.

Since ive had my insulin pump, I am always caught on the security sensors for it! Interestingly enough, I was at the airport and told the security person that I thought it was my pump. Before she could even finish her sentence I took it off and put it in the bowl (not sanitary, I know) sure enough! It was my pump and ironically, there were two other pump users behind me who took their's off too after they saw what I had done!

Up until joining juvenation I always felt like I was the only one on any given day and location with Type 1. It was cool to see that there are more of us than I thought, you just have to take off your pump to find out! :-)

I always bring more than enough supplies and insulin, but my sugars, no matter how well I eat, go crazy! I've heard that this is supposed to happen but I never know how high it is going to get, and I don't travel often enough to set a specific temporary basal. How do you cope with BG's when travelling?

I just deal with the erratic BGs when traveling. My 14 day average is always like 180 after business travel. It throws me off my normal rhythm of exercise and normal eating...especially London where we get $220USD to spend as our per diem there. I don't do breakfast or lunch, so that amounts to a good amount of booze at dinner time :) Not being able to exercise normally is I think what throws mine off, plus the stress of work in a diff environment with different time frames/expectations will throw my BGs for a loop.

I've never risked being 'detected' in the metal detector...just take everything off before going through security. I was at one of our affiliates' buildings in NYC and the security guard tried to get me to take my pump off we had been in trains/cabs since about 6:30 that morning, I was not pleasant with him and I most politely and subtly sarcastically told him it was connected to me as I pulled out the tubing from my pants and glared at him.

I can only imagine his horror when he found out you were telling the truth! A few years back when I was still in High school, I heard of a student who's teacher thought he was listening to a CD player or Mp3 player and actually ripped his cord out of his body!

Its quite frustrating the things we have to deal with and both an everyday level and when it comes to travelling. I wish there was a way to make things more steady! I would love to travel a lot but I always fear that if I were to go on a hike or something exciting and out doorsy that something would happen to my pump and I would be stranded! I know I shouldn't live life thinking this way, but to some extent us D's have to worry about things like that!

yeah, I mean if something happens to my pump while I'm out of the country, then I guess I'd just deal with it. Hopefully Animas would deliver one next-day to my hotel or something...but not sure if that applies to things outside the US. Until then I'd deal with the super high BGs...that's worst case scenario. Or just live on water :) its the best!!!!

i got mine from james avery....its an jewelry company that also sells medical id bracelets and necklaces...i've had the same one for 14 years now...its cute and silver and its basically an actual bracelet just with the medical symbol on can also get it engraved with whatever you want...when i get a new one, im going to get another one from james avery


Perhaps not the cutest, but the best in my book are the medic alert bracelets they have at

They will put whatever you want on there, juvenile diabetes, allergies, religion, whatever you want.  In addition, they have an 800 number with a number unique to you.  Dr / ER staff can call the number and retrieve the information they have on file.  They keep on file your doctor's and your family's contact information, as well as any information you think will be important.

Good luck.  If you choose them, pick the smallest (petite, I think) emblem size.

Also, they used to recommend that diabetics stay away from silver.  Not sure if it is still the case.  You should double check.

agreed.  i've had this one for at least 5 years, just got it re-sized (i've lost some weight), and polished and i switched wrists which makes my right wrist feel naked!  eep!