Medical Help for people in Riverside County, CA

I had a hard time after high school because I was on my own. Started college, got an apartment and paid for food and medicine by myself.  I did not have health insurance and it cost too much for me to stay on the newest medications and it cost around $50 to see a doctor.  I treated myself by purchasing R and Nph at Wal*Mart for around $20 to $40 per bottle which was much easier on me.  I did not qualify for Medical because I was still considered under my parent's income and no one offered any information anywhere for any assistance.

Thankfully I got married and I have my husbands insurance now.  When I started going to the doctor regularly he told me about programs I could have gotten help at.  I met a diabetic the other day and his A1C was at a 19 and he did not look good at all.  His memory was really off and he had infected scrapes all over.  He is currently in the same situation I was in and he is stuck.  I told him I was going to gather the information my doctor gave me for him because the situation broke my heart.

I am posting it here too, in case someone needs help.  I don't know if this information is valid in another county in California but I know these are the valid numbers for Riverside County.

My doctor told me that you can call  211.  This is the Social Security Services Registry.  When you speak with someone live they give you numbers to organizations and government help that is particular to your situation.  They are very kind and they off a lot of information.

Riverside County Prescription Discount Card: This gets somewhere around a 20% discount on prescriptions.  877-321-2652


RX Hope 732-507-7400

Phrma 888-477-2669

MISP 951-486-5375 (This program is ages 21-64 that can't qualify for Medical)

These are organizations that assist with health care needs.  It is low cost or no cost.

American Diabetes Association 800-342-2383

Health Clinics (sliding scale price range.  low cost to no cost)

Hemet: 951-766-2450

Temecula: 951-694-9449

There is also the option to check into a county hospital and explain your situation.  They can send a medical social worker to your home and depending on your situation can make you eligible for no cost or low cost health care and prescriptions.

I hope this information helps someone.  I was just 18 when I started taking care of myself (actually, probably since I was 14. That's when I started working) and I didn't really know where to start.  Anyway, I really hope this helps someone! ^_^

Hey this is really nice of you!!! I am in Inand Empire also LOL Empire yea right.

Hope work is going alright for you.  At least the homes are affordable now.

Me too, So Cal boy in San Berdoo. I remember my doctor used to give me insulin, probably over 25 years ago.  He always had samples to give out.  He didn't even require a doctor visit to get it.  A phone call would do.  I would have to pay for the doctor visit now and then but I think he discounted that too.  Now I am happily insured and that removes a lot of stress.  I think the doctor is still practicing in San Bernardino, Dr. Irving Spratt.  He must be in his 80's.  He is a good man!  I had to leave his practice years ago because I had an HMO back then.

I am in Highland!!! Hey were the same age. You got me beat, I've only been type 1 for 2 years this, hey poop tomorrow is my dx. day. Are you down the hill or up??

I wish I was Up the hill!  No I live below 40th street.  Old area, still kind-a nice but slipping quickly.  What do you say to someone on recognition of their d diagnosis.  Can't say congrats.  I guess blessing to you!  Keep up the fight (?).  Do you live near wal Mart?  Food 4 Less?  That is where I shop.

If you mean the Food 4 Less at Highland and Victoria and Walmart there, yes. Me, Victoria and Highland