Medical help

Have you ever been in a medical situation,needing help,witout med. ID id. on you ?

I never take my bracelet off (except at my wedding!). A coworker of mine passed out from hypoglycemia (which he didn't know he had) and it took the paramedics a really long time to figure out what was going on.

Why? Did something happen to make you ask?

Hi Sarah,no but my teen won,t wear  med, ID--and I worry.

Hi Meme, I just recently found this site that has the coolest med id bracelets -

There are beautiful choices and they are so fashionable but yet still a medical bracelet.

I never wore one until I ordered a few of these - I love them!

Maybe your daughter will wear one of these - ? 





I forget sometimes to put my dogtag on and my bracelette on sometimes. I know that's bad because I mean what would happen if my parents weren't around and something happened to me. I'm so terrified that something will happen.



I wore a medical ID for my first 18 years of having diabetes (almost at 20 now), recently using the lauren's hope "pretty" bracelets. i've been taken by ambulance several times for non-diabetes related incidences. they never once checked for a medical ID or had any idea i was diabetic unless a family member or i told them. in all my experiences, i have found them to be completely worthless because doctors, paramedics, and nurses never looked for them even though they are supposed to. i also carry an emergency card in my wallet that identifies my name, age, medications, and illnesses. no one ever went farther than checking my driver's license, once again proving all my identification efforts useless. it's completely up to the individual whether or not to wear/use them.

I had a Medic Alert necklace when first diagnosed and I hated it.  I would shove it in my pocket instead of wearing it and eventually lost it.  Haven't worn anything since.  There were several times when I was out alone and came very close to needing help but managed to somehow do it myself.  I've had ambulance visits at work but my co-workers obviously knew I was diabetic so that wasn't a problem.

Now that I'm pumping I don't have severe lows like I did on MDI and I feel much more comfortable about not waring an ID.  I know I still should but all jewelry annoys me.

i used to hate wearing onee. i found it to be a hastle and it bugged me cause i didnt like how it looked with my other jewelry, but when i turned 17 my doctor started to talk to me more about driving and suchh and saying that she couldnt approve me to drive unless i started wearing some sort of id. soooooo my mom told me i could choose any braclet from for my birthday and now i just take off the braclet to shower so it doesnt rust. i think if you let your daughter choose the one she wants then she will probably wear one more. thats what happened to mee.

just wondering, how old is your daughter? cause i know i didnt think it was that big of an issue until i turned 16 and thats cause i started drivingg.

I got my dogtag from They have some really cool id's there. You should check them out with your daughter.

I've never had an incidence where I needed medical help, but I have a med alert card right in the front of my wallet, so I figure at least if they went to check who I am they would see it. When I was a teen I didn't want to wear the braclet either. I also,  made sure that at least one person I was with knew that I was diabetic, so they could tell EMS if necessary.