Medical I.D.'s when traveling

Well, I usually never have a problem with my diabetes and traveling...However, recently I encountered a new one!  I was flying out of SFO just to go to Louisiana to visit my dad.  At security, I happened to be the lucky random pick to have a full check.  They did not have any problems with my pump, insulin, or medical supplies, however, when they picked up my I.D. bracelet (which is a black leather cuff with the medical tag on top), they questioned it!  They didn't know what the IDDM stood for and they didn't recognize the medical symbol because it was not red, but black.  They also were not sure about the cuff since it did not look like a normal medical chain bracelet.  I don't know if they were thinking that it was a weapon or what, but they were examining it thoroughly, more so than my backpack that had my sharps in it.  After a few questions about it, I was free to go.  It wasn't that they were giving me any trouble about it, but I just found it kind of funny how they treated it.  It also made me think of an article I read some time ago but I can't remember where about the debate of fashionable Alert jewelry and how they might be easily looked over.

Two thoughts on this.

1.) Medicalert has many different ID bracelets now that are not the usual ones we are use to. They have sport bracelets and have green and purple logos. Granted they say Medicalert on them, but the logos are different colors. 

2.) Sometimes security is not who they look at, what they ask, but how your reactions are to the questions. The Israeli's have shown how effective this is on their flights. I don't believe TSA will ever be as effective as the Israeli security forces, in fact most TSA personnel are very uninformed and not well trained.